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View Full Version : Are you blind?

05-23-2005, 04:32 AM
Asalamu Alaikum

After having a childish dream today, I had to create this topic. Now as kids, I'm sure we've all had an argument and one of the boys say to you "your blind" too which you reply, "so are you, you can't see Allah."

I'm sure as kids we must have all said something similiar anyway. Well, little do we know, but at that age we have surely reconised Allah which some Muslims are yet failing to do so in their old age. Subhan Allah.

You are blind if you fail to understand the Quraan is your only guide to success. You are blind if you fail to find the peace in Salaah. You are blind if you fail to realise the love of the Salaam. You are blind if you fail to reconise the beauty of the Hijaab. You are blind if you fail to see the beauty of the Beard. But most of all, you are blind if you fail to reconise the presence of Allah.

Am I right or am I wrong in what I say?

(I've just got up so bear with me, I can edit it out later if needs be.)

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05-23-2005, 05:30 AM

I would say thats being a bit harsh, there is a lot of things we humans dont know, so we are all inevitably blind with that logic, but the point is, anybody with a notion of what he or she is doing wrong isnt blind, just lost.

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