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06-03-2005, 06:20 PM
:D I wanna start with napoleon
Going under the alias of Napoleon, Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale was born on October 11, 1977 in Newark, New Jersey. His mother Aquillah Beale was a Christian and his father Salek Beale was Muslim. Mutah descends from Spanish and Afro-American roots. He was the third child in the family as they were four boys. When he was about four years old he witnessed his parents getting killed as rumors saying it was the Nation of Islam who did this. Also, his older brother Seike Beale committed suicide in front of him. He then left with his bigger brother Moonie Beale and his younger brother Kamil Beale aka Muszamil to their grandmother in Irvington, New Jersey.

As Mutah grew up, he started rapping. Beale knew Yafeu "Kadafi" Fula since they were kids and had their birthday every year together because it was in the same week. In 1994, he met Kadafi after not being in contact with him for two years. Both of them rapped, but Beale didn't know that Kadafi's Godbrother was well known rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. Then Kadafi's mother Yaasmyn Fula talked to Tupac about Beale story and how he came up. This had Tupac in tears and brought him in the group because this touched him and he started to cry. When they met with Beale, he finally became part of the Dramacydal group. Instead of having an alias, as the other members, he shortened his name to Mu.

On April 5, 1995 when Tupac's LP Me Against the world came out Beale was featured on the song "Outlaw". Later on that year when Tupac recruited Bruce "Fatal" Washington, he formed the Outlaw Immortalz consisting of Mu, Kadafi, Kastro, EDI, and of course Tupac himself. Later on, they renamed themselves as the Outlawz. Seeing that all members had an alias being an enemy of America, he gave Mu the alias of Napoleon, originally from Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Emperor. On February Tupac released the first ever double LP in the history of rap All Eyez On Me, and Napoleon was featured on four songs which are "Tradin' War Stories", "When We Ride", "Thug Passion" and "Run Tha Streetz". On September 7, 1996 Tupac was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas Nevada. He was taken to the University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead one week later. After, the Outlawz heard the news and they moved back to New Jersey.

On November 5, Tupac's most controversial LP, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory was released and Napoleon was only featured on the song "Life of An Outlaw". The reason why he was only featured on one song was because his grandmother passed away during the recording sessions of the album. Later, on November 10, while Kadafi was visiting his girlfriend, he got killed. He was then taken to Unversity Hospital, where he died in the afternoon. The truth was unveiled 4 years later in an interview in The Source where Napoleon said it was his cousin Roddy who accidentally killed him. Nothing is known for sure but one witness apparently heard Kadafi say, "If you want to shoot me you better put me one in the head". The only thing that is known for sure was that the trigger was pulled by Roddy directed to Kadafi's head. Napoleon then convinced his cousin to turn himself in.

Tupac told the Outlawz several times not to sign with Death Row, which unfortunately they did. In March of 1997, the four members: Kastro, EDI, Napoleon and the last official Outlaw member Young Noble signed when they moved back to California. They recorded a whole album called Retribution, which is still yet to be released. The only member that listened to Tupac was Fatal, which decided to take his career on a different path. On December 1999, the Outlawz with the exception of Fatal released their debut LP "Still I Rise". The album was said selling one million copies in less than a month. Then again with the exception of Fatal the rest of the group formed their own label company Outlaw Recordz where they released their second and third LP's "Ride Wit Us Collide Wit Us" and "Novakane", on November 7, 2000 and November 6, 2001. Napoleon's brother Hellraza aka Muszamil was one of the first to sign with Outlaw Recordz. Napoleon then made his acting debut in the movie called "Thug Life", which also featured Lady Of Rage and Willie D.

Approximately when Tupac's posthumous double LP was released Better Dayz came out, he left the Outlawz with his younger brother Muszamil. He didn't leave on bad terms, but just chose to leave to take on a different path. Napoleon has also opened up a barbershop and Salon called Platinum Kuts. He came back from Hajj in 2003 when he went with his wife Quierra that is also featured on a song with him, "Message To You". He also opened a clothing line called Seike Clothing dedicated to his older brother's memory.

He has been working on his album for the past years, trying to make this on the Me Against The World level. One cut of his album, "Never Forget", released on June 16, 2003 was a tribute for Tupac on his birthday. It also features the famous singer Val Young featured on Tupac's single "To Live & Die in LA" and has Johnny J, Tupac's right hand producer for All Eyez On Me on this classic song. Expect several guest appearances such as Jon B, Aman, Big Syke and other surprises on his upcoming debut album. This debut double LP, which is coming out the summer of 2004 will be released under the name of Have Mercy. A video for his first single has already been shot, which is called "Fast Lane" and features legendary R&B singer Barrington Levy. This video was shot in part in Morocco and in LA. Expect it to come out in the near future. We can expect more than this from Napoleon when his album drops, which consists of only Johnny J produced songs. In the meantime enjoy the tracks posted in the download section of this site.

Website: http://www.napoleonoutlaw.com


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06-04-2005, 08:41 PM

some lyrics 4 him:
We live in a world
Where a man is judged by the color of his skin
We can’t win
Not the content of his character
They scared of you
22 million black in america
You better stand your area
75 percent population of the prison system
Niggas listen
Niggas listen
Niggas listen
Outlawz on a mission

Verse 1: napoleon

So more gun shots
By some young niggas
And now the media consider y’all some dumb niggas
And where you at
I done came from that
So I know what’s on your mind when you’re cocking your nine back
Busting your bullets at them niggas on the corner
And you aim 7 5 till your victim is a goner
But it’s more than life
And I don’t blame you
Matter of fact I blame your parents for the **** you gonna do
There’s a lot of niggas under ten getting shot by the nine
8 of them died and left 7 of them crying
For the 5th and 6th time
I’m trying to tell you dog
You done pulled through
Nigga I know that’s where he are
And the third second and first is when the welfare kicks in
We joined by nothing
’cause your ? ? ?
Buying crack
Go for drugs again
And it make you want to go and bust your gat again
But if you got a problem grab a pen
Write a letter
And send it to the outlawz
We’ll try to make it better
My young soldier
You ain’t no dumb soldier
Keep your mind on your dream
And you a pro soldier

Verse 2: young noble

Hey yo
I spit, rip for pac and yak
I love y’all both
That’s why I rap with a grudge and keep my enemies close
Memories float
Nothing else to do but smoke
Now I’m numb with a lump in my throat
I’m scoffed up
Constipated with pain
Hating the rain
We all get wet
And pretty much when you close to death
I think you live by the gun
You die by the judge
And if my girl have a son
I’ma raise him better than I was
A little time does justice to the heart
You should ask your little boy why he rushing to the park
Everyday after school
You wonder why he love there?
They got guns drugs and plenty of thugs there
No care
That’s why I speak on ****
To you parents out there
Don’t sleep on ****
Raise your kids
Come on you made the kids
We got kids killing kids
Doing major bids


I never really got a chance to say good-bye
I hope you’re thankful you lived your life
And nothing keeps that before your eyes
I never really got a chance to say good-bye
And even though you’re gone
You’re always on my mind
I never really got a chance to say goodbye

Verse 3: edi

To all my youngsters out there
Trying to burn something
Will you pay attention a minute
You might learn something
’cause look
All they want to do is lock you up and make some dough off you
And when your ass finally die
They’ll find a hole for you
I know it ain’t no love
It seem cold to you
But yous a soldier
Got to keep your goals close to you
’cause 25 with an l ain’t closer junior
Now in society
You’re labeled as a loser junior
2 times at that
So close to your 3rd
Only 22 now what the **** you gonna do
Convicted felons
They don’t get no work
We all know that
Now you forced to draw back
You seen the cycle
They don’t call it the system for nothing
Systematic ways to get you to your grave
But you heard it before
You ain’t gonna listen to edi
You gonna have to go through it
But please believe me
Ain’t no glory in pain
A soldier story in vain
You niggas gobbled by the game
Aint no glory in pain
A soldier story in vain
You niggas gobbled up by the mutha ****in game

Verse 4: kastro

It’s a long long dark road out of hell
I’ve been there
I can tell you the story well
Most don’t make it
10 out of 12
And the 2 left fighting themselves
We sit in desperate need
Searching for a cure
Us youngsters indeed
We deserve much more
It’s war
’cause we don’t get along with each other
God damn
We need to get it together
For real


Verse 5: napoleon

I got 50 shots for every ? ? ?
These pigs is more crooked than some snakes on my block
They gave him a choice
He had to ride or die
Since bullets don’t die
Oz can you tell me how he died
Stay ahead of your game
Young star
Grow eyes
Stay away from them haters
Also 1 time
I respect the game
I’m real serious with mine
It’s like they lost
Playing on furious with mine

[edi talking]
So serious
You know
It’s all about will and how strong you are
If you can stand it
Stand the pressure and stay strong youngsters
Move up


06-05-2005, 01:24 PM
Assalamu 'alaikum

Thread moved, the content is more relavant to this category :)

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