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View Full Version : Discover Islam section - READ THIS FIRST!

Ansar Al-'Adl
08-11-2006, 05:04 PM
:sl: and Greetings,
This section is for basic articles explaining Islamic concepts to new Muslims or Non-Muslims, as well as for people to ask questions on the fundamentals of Islam.

This section is NOT for discussion or debate. That can be taken care of in the other sections on the forum, such as Comparative Religion or Basics of Islam. Please ask your questions by creating a new thread.

This section is also not for requesting fatawa (religious rulings) or verdicts on specified areas of Islamic law. Please contact those scholars qualified to provide such answers; here is one such facility:

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Ansar Al-'Adl
09-15-2006, 02:02 PM
A reminder to members that posts in this section should be from the perspective of explaining Islam; arguments against other religions are not for this section.


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