View Full Version : My Life Changing Event -Part2

06-04-2005, 07:43 PM

In my previous posting I forgot to mention that this event /excursion took place over a weekend -starting on Saturday afternoon ending Sunday evening.

After our Blindfolding session in the qabrstan we returned to the mosques where the rest of our program would take place .We had a brainstorming session discussing what we understood by the word spirituality ,how do we obtain spirituality , are we ready to meet ALLAH ,what do we need to meet ALLAH etc.

With each brainstorming and discussion session our knowledge ,and understanding of this religion increased .I became aware that as a muslim one could not be passive . A muslim always ponders ,reflects and questions.A muslim is an active participant in everything -we are always thinking .

This went against what I was taught at madrassah (muslim school ) as a young child ! We had to accept everything .It was seen as a grave sin to question what our muslim teachers taught us ....Islam was seen as being prescriptive.
This is where I think our teachers may ALLAH forgive them their shortcomings lost many of our youth today.

The Shaykh made it absolutely clear that we had the full right to Question the Quran ,THE NABIE S.A.W. and ALLAH provided that the manner in which we did it was with UTMOST RESPECT ,with the sincere desire to Understand.

This REVELATION again shocked me for ALL my life I was not allowed to question ALLAH.My parents never allowed it . I could hear myself as a child asking my mom :WHY DO I NEED TO WEAR A SCARF ??
The answer always :Becos ALLAH said so .
All my whys ......always the same reply .....IT IS AN ORDER FROM ALLAH ....

I always knew that there were more to ALLAHS orders -a reason why he expected and demanded certain things from us and it seems for the first time in my life I was about to be answered.

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Ibn Syed
06-04-2005, 07:45 PM
Mashallah good post.

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