View Full Version : death was created before life! Ya Allah!

08-22-2006, 06:25 PM
Death was created before life...
how many games have ended by death?
how many strong men have shrunk by death?
how many faces have been destorted by death?
how many houses have been destroyed by death?
how many beauties have rotted by death?
Life is a stage of learning prepare for death!
Hurt inside
my heart in black form
the veins bursting to break
my brain on the thought of death
my body scared
trembling through my bones

Run in front of the car
half way there
no one takes me seriously
if I keep going no one would know
if I kept going id hurt no one

But why do I hesitate
why do I hold back
a dark shadow creeps over me
telling me
no one cares about death!
i wrote this when i was bored for me mam
I sat there watching you fade away,
bit by bit day by day,
you couldn’t speak a single thing,
you even offered your favorite ring,
I sang a song that you loved loads,
It was a song that came from Rhodes,
then one day you took my hand,
you promised me that you'd be grand,
the next morning I came you were alive,
I knew by your face you were dead deep inside,
just then the machine gave a noise,
I knew just then you were going so I wailed and cried,
I looked at you once and gave you a kiss,
I’ll miss you so may you rest in peace.

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