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Phoenix CG
09-17-2006, 02:29 PM
The Sleeping Media Giant


I had a wonderful response from some people on the previous article, "Empowering Muslims in the Light of the Media" this has encouraged me, alhamdullilah to write another similar one, but now moving away from the power that the jews have over the media, as we all know this already, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out, I think in one name we just have to sum it all up to Rupert Murdoch.

This article is going to be based on how to wake this sleeping media giant, one that is run by muslims.

So what is Citizen Journalism?

"The traditional paper says 'I produce your read' but we say ''We produce and we read and we change the world together.'" Oh Yeon Ho, Founder of OhMyNews.

Types Of Citizen Journalism

"Audience Participation"
  • Comments attached to articles
  • Personal blogs
  • Photos or video from mobile devices
  • Local news written by community members

Independent news or info sites
  • Consumer Reports - (Consumer Reports is an American Magazine, published by Consumers Union, people who thought that consumer research was not aggresive enough also participated.)

Participatory news sites

  • We do this through user participation.

Collaborative/contributory sites
  • Our members can collaborate on team projects with multiple editors per blog and help of readers.

"Thin media"
  • E-mail newsletters, mailing lists

Personal broadcasting
  • YouTube, Veoh, MySpace, Google Videos

Why the title?

The sleeping media giant, well alhamdullilah, there are approximately 1.6 billion muslims in the world. That is a lot! MashaAllah. It would only take a few hundred of those to get involved in a centralised muslim medium to create something earth shattering. We plan to create this central media hub for muslim citizen journalists, you can be from any where in the world. The platform, already created is welcome to thousands of muslims from around the globe. Utilising the tools that we have, such as the personal broadcasting tools and blogs, will give us a very huge start into the new digital media age.

A few hundred bloggers centralised, blogging live from there countries. Equiped with digital cameras, mobile phones, video cameras, and a computer, that can get us faster news from all over the world, a few of those bloggers from the same country reporting the same media, yet they are independent of each other. Kind of gets rid of the media lies don't you think? We could even infact become a more popular source than the already established yet bias news sources in the west. Even there own populations are now seeking the truth and are sick of the media lies. Muslims were known to be trust worthy, they developed many systems based on trust. Maybe it's time to shine the candle over it once again. Show the world, the faith of the muslims, the truth, show them what the real news is, citizen journalists from Pakistan, Iraq, Chechnya, UK to the US of A. From all over the globe we have the ability to work in a centralised environment that would make it easily accessable for everyone.

Benefits of Muslim Citizen Journalism

Increased trust in media

According to a USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll in June 2003, only 36 percent of those polled believe the news media generally "get the facts straight."

In participatory journalism, it gives the potential to develop loyalty and trust, when bloggers ask the readers to help there efforts by giving feedback and participating in there blog by providing possibly pictures and other materials, first hand accounts, this confirms the story, and has a positive lasting effect, it takes the audience to a deeper level of understanding. This kind of communication leads to a lasting trust.

Memorable experiences created

By collaborating and having conversation with other readers, it is going to give a more meaninful and memorable experience, users share there stories, and discuss them with other readers, this is exactly possible with our platform, with the discussion platform and the blogs all interconnected.
Enabling audiences to talk about the stories increases the understanding, when a good story grabs us, it spreads rapidly, and the interest and participation of the users is an experience indeed.

The next generation of news consumers

The increase of interaction with the readers have many benefits, one of which is attracting a young audience, the next generation of news consumers, according to Steve Outing:
"Kids today expect to interact with their media," according to Steve Outing, a senior editor at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, and an interactive media columnist for Editor & Publisher Online. "From playing interactive online games, to using instant messenger (IM) services to communicate with friends, to interacting with their television (by having control over when programs are watched, and skipping commercials with devices like TiVo and ReplayTV), today's kids expect their media to offer a two-way street of communication."

"A safe assumption is that when today's children and teenagers reach adulthood, they'll not be tolerant of media that's one-way, that's not interactive. They expect to be able to manipulate media content, and to share it with others. The one-way conversation of a printed newspaper won't do — thus print's prospects for the young digital generation are not promising. Newspaper Web sites and other newspaper digital media formats likewise cannot afford to perpetuate the one-way model. They've got to become more interactive."

This is extremely important, our media could take this step, go forward and embrace it, and the next generation of muslims and non muslims will be more inclined towards our methods of journalism, bringing the truth and interaction.

Better stories — and better journalism

The question to ask here is, does Citizen journalism bring better stories? In a short answer, yes.
A lot of the readers know a huge deal on a specific subject, this can assist the journalist in bringing better stories, the interaction between the readers and citizen journalists, mean that they share their knowledge.
The internet allows all muslim individuals to become experts in communication, to take part in this network, and create an infastructure for improving the muslims light in the media, this ofcourse is better journalism.

A scalable virtual staff

The involved readers can play a huge role on scalability of the news source, this being MG and it's users, they become virtual staff, from all over the Muslim Globe, a huge sea of writers, commentators, photographers and videographers. All working together without any geographical boundaries. This scalability means more news, faster and of higher quality.

Fostering community

A community based with the media is extremely important, they are the back bone to making any media work, the platform we have developed allows users to communicate in a real community, and comment on citizen journalists blogs, this interaction and extended reporting are elements that attract a real growing community.

The Dream

Funnily enough, we at MG have created a bit of a humourous community by creating our own nation, you've probably heard of Danny Wallace's lovely land. So we call it "The All Islamistan Dream".

To have citizen journalists from all over the globe reporting the facts, not fiction, to have them blog on the network, unfiltered, but within the islamic boundaries.
We wish to take it higher on a professional level and have a selection of blogs to choose from where stories will be lifted and put into a hybrid proffesional/citizen journalist medium, through a news site and PDF magazine.
We aim to also have a site which is aimed towards non muslims, but with the larger participation from the muslim community, the muslim media will solely be running this but with a different face to the non muslims. To have videographers, photographers, bloggers, editors, graphic designers, 3D developres, programmers and much more from around the world. Participating to create a better world. To help the muslims, and to push "The All Islamistan Dream" Forward.

JazakaAllah khair
AJ Hideki

If you would like to participate please do contact me inshaallah through my email at admin @ muslimglobe . com
Classes in various softwares have already started. JazakaAllah.

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