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09-21-2006, 07:58 AM
Straightening the Lines in Prayer
Saleem bin Eid al-Hilaalee
The clear authentic ahaadeeth tell us to establish the rows, to straighten them and they show that they are important in joining the hearts of the Muslims and it is a way of resisting the Shaytaan. These ahaadeeth are not unknown to the people, however they are still neglectful of their importance. Therefore I will mention the clear ahaadeeth to show the importance of this matter to drive away the Shaytaan and to resist his traps.

It is narrated from Nu'maan bin Basheer who said: The Messenger of Allah turned around to the people and said: Straighten your rows (three times) and Allaah will bring together your ranks or Allaah will put differences into your hearts. He said: I then saw a man putting his shoulder next to the shoulder of his companion, his knee to the knee of his companion and his ankle to his ankle. [1]

It is narrated from Anas bin Maalik that The Messenger of Allaah said: Stand close together, close the gaps and line up your shoulders, because, by Him who has my soul in His Hands, I see the Shaytaan coming into the gaps between the rows, like a missile. [2]

These two ahaadeeth show that Shaytaan enters into the gaps in the rows and creates enmity between a man and his brother and separates them, leading to differences in their hearts. So the Wise Legislator has ordered with the establishment of the straightening of the rows and to close all the gaps in case there is any gap for Shaytaan to get into. Know that straightening of the rows weakens the grip of the Shaytaan and it hinders his expectations to create corruption and trouble between the worshippers.

So O worshippers, act upon this sunnah, adhere to it and call to it, so that the people gather upon it and be saved from the threat: ...or Allaah will put differences into your hearts.

Know that the rows cannot be straightened except by bringing the ankles and the shoulders together, like letters are recited one after the other, keeping the first to the last in harmonization, firmly joined and arranged, bringing about one body and bringing love between the hearts for the sake of Allaah and upon His methodology.

[1]Related by Aboo Daawood (662), Ibn Hibban (396) and Ahmad (4/276). I say: Its isnaad is authentic.

[2]Related by Aboo Dawood (667) and Ahmad (3/260). I say the isnaad is authentic.

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Ummu Sufyaan
07-08-2009, 06:12 AM
*bump...jazakillahu khair :)

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