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View Full Version : Start Understanding Qur'an - 15 min / day - till 27th Ramadaan - Free Short course

09-25-2006, 08:06 PM
In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

In this Ramadaan, the month of Qur'an and fasting…

*Would you like to start learning the Qur'an … the Easy Way*

Start with what you will recite everyday anyway … your daily 5 prayers!!!

*And simultaneously learn almost 100 words which occur 40,000 times in the
Qur'an *

*(out of approx. 78,000 words, i.e., more than 50%)!!!*

Starting this Ramadaan, are you ready to enrich your relationship with Allah
through 5 daily prayers and start developing a lifelong relationship of
understanding and living Qur'an…

*A short course developed by Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem (for more info, go
to www.understandquran.com) over decades of practical experience and
presented in India, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai in more than a dozen cities to
thousands of participants including adults and young students from secular
schools as well as madrasas. *


*(That is the only 'charge' you got to pay!)*

You will learn the text and the grammar using latest language learning
techniques… along with numerous memory, learning, and motivational tips.

Just Click here to subscribe to the email… ?????????????????

(Or, register it on our website and this will save our efforts in retyping
for each…)

You will receive an email every day containing PowerPoint slides and the
notes for that day (2 attachments). There will be links to website for mp3
audio (for mobile) and video (.wmv and .3gp) files to download and watch the
lessons. Beautifully designed posters as well as the pocket vocabulary
cards (for the short course) will also be there for you to download. In
brief everything that you need to create an environment for learning!!!

*Want to multiply your rewards? *

*Simple! Forward this email to everyone you know!!!*

*His/her learning will add on to your book of deeds, inshaAllah.** *

The course has been offered to different schools of thoughts and groups and
has no bias towards any specific party, maslak, or fiqhi school. No
controversial issues discussed here! The translation (esp. in Urdu is taken
from Hafiz Nazar Ahmad which is approved by Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahl-e-hadith,
and Ahl-e-Sunnat wal-Jama'at scholars).

Available in Urdu and English.

(Course notes are available in Hindi, Malayalam, and Turkish also).

To avoid many people sending the emails for the next 27 days to one another
repeatedly, we would request you not to send subsequent emails to your
friends unless you are sure that they have problem registering & that they
will not receive it from any other source (and getting angry!).

The best way to learn is to have passion and partner(s). So, join with your
friends and learn in groups. Also, don't forget to convey this to your
family members.

Please note that when you register, we will not bother you with more emails
after Ramadan except for once in a month (just to update you).

Understand Qur'an Academy, Hyderabad.

Tel. 0091-40-2441-1637

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