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Silver Pearl
06-17-2005, 09:40 PM
:sl: warahmatullah wabarakatu,

When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory,

And thou dost see the people enter Allah's Religion in crowds,

Celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and pray for His Forgiveness: For He is Oft-Returning (in Grace and Mercy). (Surat An-Nasr)
They were once those amongst the lost, the mockers of those who believed in the creator and now they are the mocked. Do we praise the lord when we see the Ummah increasing with every revert? “Subhanallah’ seems enough for many and they forget….back to their ways of mischief…yet do you know our time is ticking? The clock does not wait for you to change your mind as you please. Each second is another second to repent but it just gets lost through our grip with no care. Do you make the most of each second? Wait…you just missed another one there….do you make the most of it? You know seize the moment and praise the lord….come on lets praise the lord….another second just ticked and you gaze in awe, What’s up ya’ll? Seems we remember ghetto slang and nonsense yet the Qur’an….well ask them (the strayed and materialist) and they utter ‘say wot?!’

Let us seize the moment and not let it slip through grip. It’s not a reminder….this is just a trigger for the nerve impulse.

Have a pleasant day brothers and sisters :) .

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06-17-2005, 09:45 PM
:sl: Jazakallah Khayr

08-14-2005, 02:42 PM
Assalamu alaikum

Barakallahu feekum for that.

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