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10-13-2006, 02:35 PM
Charity week is once again upon us. From Monday 16th October to Saturday 21st October, the University of Birmingham Islamic Society will be collecting money around campus through a variety of activities to aid the orphans around the world. The event was a resounding success last year with the isoc raising over £10,000 for the cause and this year we are looking to go one step better. We are also organising it alongside several other universities, so it is up to you to help your university raise the most! This year, the event will be capped off with a special show featuring Shaykh Ziaullah Khan and Dawud Wharnsby Ali - so be sure not to be the only one not turning up! Get active, get involved and help us to make this a resounding success.

The idea behind Charity Week is simple, to work together and help make a difference to peoples' lives. Charity Week started in 2005 as a collaboration between Islamic Relief, Islamic Help and the University of Birmingham Islamic Society. It was established to mobilise the massive Muslim student population to raise money through innovative and enterprising means. As you read this the £10,000 that has been raised is being used to fund essential work in an Niger and Mali.

"And they feed, for the love of Allah, the poor, the orphan and the captive…"
(Quran Surah Al-Insaan:8)

Charity Week is a student run initiative that encourages individuals to sacrifice a bit of their time and direct their skills and talents to a great cause. Its success is entirely dependant on the commitment shown by students and the end result is a reflection on Muslim students in the UK. University life can impose significant stress on students with exams and coursework deadlines but is also an incredible opportunity to experience and do many new things . Use your time and talent to make a difference. Providing the perfect opportunity to gain valuable experience in fundraising, Charity Week is also an excellent example of the Muslim student community uniting and co-operating to help those less fortunate.

The value of charity is immense in Islam and there are countless Quranic ayahs and hadeeth commending acts of charity and explaining how it should be an integral part of our lives, and with Charity Week this year taking place in the last third of Ramadhan, every second of our time and effort is potentially worth so much more.

"Indeed the men who give sadaqaah (voluntary charity) and the women who give sadaqaah (all of them) are lending a goodly loan to Allah; the return for them will be increased; and for them shall be an exquisite reward." (Qur'an al-hadeed: 18)

How YOU can help
A little effort goes a long way in helping those children feel secure who have lost the love and protection of their parents whether it was in war stricken countries or other situations. Why not help ease their pain and restore their faith in mankind by showing we care? This week will enable us to come together to maximize our potential and make the most of the resources we have as students

Volunteers are desperately needed to turn this vision into reality. You choose to do as much or as little as you wish. Whether you participate in the street collections, present a Khutbah on charity, put up posters or distribute flyers your help is more than welcome and rest assured your good deeds will not be overlooked. Not only would a great reward lie in this act of fundraising for our troubled brothers and sisters worldwide and show the importance of charity in Islam through our actions but it would also be an excellent opportunity to present the true character of a Muslim in us to the general public.

"What has happened to you that you do not spend in the path of Allah when all the heavens and the Earth are the Heritage of Allah?"
[Al Hadeed:10]

For our average Joe (also known as Ahmed) it's as simple as ABC:


Ask your university's campus rep, if you're not sure who these shady lot are, there should be a sign-up sheet near your campus's prayer room. Sign up to collect on one (or all!) of the Birmingham street collections. Or just email them.

If you're not a student or at uni but still want to help out, just email us at islamic@guild.bham.ac.uk and we're more than happy to accommodate you.

Be seen

Wear your ultra-chic ultra-cool Charity Week t-shirt all week (be warned - you may work up a sweat so give it a good wash every now and then).


Once you've attracted the attention of many, let them know how they can donate. In other words carry a CW bucket around with you and shove it in their face (politely) letting them know of all the needy children they'll be helping, after lectures, in classes, at home, wherever. If that ain't enough, tell them about the cake sale, pay-to-play games, and countless other fundraisers that are happening on your campus. YOU can also help organise these fundraisers!

Scarily Important note to Ye Olde Islamic Society (if you're not already involved)

Get your Islamic Society involved in this initiative and join the universities and colleges that have already pledged their support. We are looking for a minimum of a brother and a sister from each university and college to coordinate Charity Week in your Islamic Society. You would receive considerable support from Islamic Relief and the University of Birmingham Islamic Society to make it a success insha-allah. Help us turn the vision of Charity Week into a reality. Your Islamic Society can do as much or as little as you wish, whether you carry out street collections or collect money after jumah, your contribution would be more than welcome. Don't let your ISOC be the only one that didn't get involved. Join the cause.

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