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View Full Version : da peeps who 4 linguistisc scholarship of slang: a thread?

10-28-2006, 02:02 AM

I bin in contact wid a language place of fellas who got da lingo true way (two way=English way plus real language) and 'm putting my mind to da thinked dat they been wid my word telling

maybe bin like dat I got learnered into a use of word in English dat got not every word counting, but dat at leasts some do

too true day tell

Waram=abbreviating into Abo dialect of Alaykomuassalamuwarahmathallahimuwarabarakathahai
We made this through e-mail but that it is shorter I can put into a context of language use and how it describes culture.

In our way words are meaning if you use den you is it word while you use. All true lingo is. When de inbaders came 'ere day asked who is us, and we tell: in dis place we: koori/murri/ =is word for an individual unit of Human population whom is upkeeping tradition within accepting their own full responsiblity for land. Each place got it own way talk cos dat we shaytan not fight it de land place. day not move in so quick on us in mind. I meselp (p not f cos me dad not in on validation of but other people instead of father gave me self from places) belonging as many named group and all are word meaning a true believer at dis place. bin in real word enuf?

Now I shall be proper again. Truly it is that I have habituated a form of English expression which enables a small proportion of the words in use to be properly based; while communicating with other English speakers not all of whom use English correctly.

When de inbaders came here they asked our ancestors (and a few folk still now living who remember when the invasion reached their own homes) who and what we are, and we told we are believers. We asked them and they told that they are nothing. But they supposed we was nothing instead and named Terra Nullius a word, they did it to us. (terra nullius is latin with a legal definition of unpeopled land) Our ancestors recognised the invaders as Gubbah's and so today loads of us are Gubbrigines, a people whom are breeding out inbreeding among immigrants to our land. The English were immediately recognised as persons inbreed with shaytan; so it is also that our ancestors knew not to do anything about them but just to let them harm until they ran it dry again. In the dry even shaytan can not lie without being caught.

Partly why this is an important matter is because there is very sound linguistic evidence of us all already having been Muslim. Aboriginal languages are structured like Arabic and no Aborigine whom talks proper lingo believes that English words make a real language. Day jist words, but words proper, but not stringing right way. But even more importantly there is already actual evidence that there are Indigenous children to Australia, whom are at heart existing through the Dreamtime still, whom are getting born among Muslim families, more likely Pakistani usually than others since the cultural similarity is more readily able to be realised. In fact, the Indigenous Ummah is only letting me continue within a Muslim identity because of the possiblity of more such instances. But when I am telling about the Indigenous Ummah it is important that I am not related to the place in which I am living right now, since I have been forced to associate with shaytan in this place and so locals are obligated to discredit me. However the larger Indigenous Ummah is clearly attuning with the reality of why only one State picked up the thread right this Ramadan; and thereby a National Ummah is reorienting more traditionally to language groups already. But that is enough about my own situation. I speak English but can within Aboriginal dialects of English that are like a pidgin. But I am not habituated in either of the two already verified creoles. (creole is when words from an invaders, or more materially wealthy groups, language are adapted into an indigenous structure and a new language evolves as the first language of the children) But I am habituated into a form of English usage which is very chunky and difficult to read; I know no other form of being true with words in any exact measure. (except smidgins of Arabic and smidgins of Aussie Black fella lingo)

Here I can show what our way is like by comparison to Arabic (have any of you heard Aborigine languages: my heart celebrates the sound)

Aboriginal lingo has no differentiation delineated between P and B, and so the user tells their own story by whether a "P" or "B" is stressed. Like de Warlbiri/Warlpiri, who is libin at red centre, north long way from Uluru. Witchety grub lots at dat main town. Outstation mob. (folk who ran away from being herded into cities and back to the bush and made their own towns in familiar places then had long legal battles to own their land, many of which are won, and some even ceded soveriegn nations in their own right)(news is they all been waiting for me to arrive and were being misinformed through other information sources about what the delay was, and had the same set of misinformation as is being pumped through Mecca about what is happening in Australian Nationally, but with a few rather interesting condradictions with the versions that city blacks and Muslims had received)

Our languages have lota "ng" as in sing, and tj, and by comparison to Arabic the whole sound is like: a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.a.

well that is if Arabic is though of as: th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,th,

But here is the essential difference. We have an external reguard in ourselves for all language, that attributes word to Allah. So that fear, of reciting Qur'an, for example, exists in every statement. Lots a city blacks who only got English now are been protected from knowing; but very many are also not so protected and more often grunt than speak these days. True this is a real phenomena and makes for frustrated families if there are not more expedient ways of communicating being trusted. But all in all most of the indigenous population still makes decisions only through the Prayer method that is habituated by genetic heredity. White skin Gubbrigines like me need more learning through a vehicle like Islam, but the blacks already mainly got the truth through Prayer and are surely among the most poverty struck of all the world's population. Not for want of food housing or clothing, or white medicine white education white vehicle means; but for having been prevented walking home. Again and again and again, and even now there are surfacing Arabic speaking shaytan (five I have meet face to face in which they knew I had em out) so not many of our mob now want to learn Arabic even.

But then why am I starting this thread? Was it to introduce the relative worth of the semantics of "Waram", or "Lingo", or "this arvo" for this afternoon? I had a long think about what slang it is that I am knowing: ocker, that is, (rather than strein); and I think that I would rather not begin to try to define why "Waru" is an important word meaning fire.

But what I can enter into dialogue about with an international Muslim community; is the structure of language, and why and how Aboriginal language is different. The difference is determined singularly by regarding ourselves as accepting full account in Allah for every word spoken. That is why we talk languages, but the invaders only got words that they don't even themselves know what they are causing by.

Then so I am thinking about the whole picture of world languages and the disproportionate number of English words in use. To what language structures, and it is all and every other language that english words are used in? That essential p/b division is what relegates the informative and no-nonsense truth telling, of English, into a language which is: a) hard to read, b) over revealing, c) quite rude. By Tarot for what the Romani are worth in there understanding of sound: B=Magician; but P=Hanged man.

I shall leave this post at that and only invite any body whom has a genuine linguistic interest in expressing the truth safely, to reply.


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10-30-2006, 03:59 PM

Very interesting.:) JazakAllah khayr.


The Ruler
10-30-2006, 05:06 PM

errmmm....sum1 care ta transl8 :? :?


11-01-2006, 03:46 AM
I guess the the summation is that we Aborigines get too scared about what the consequences might be of what we talk since when we are in the cultural conditioning of comprehending any language which is real. (like we didn't have towers of Babel except very recent and not every places) Like if you say it then you is owing a tiny part of being whom Allah can hold accountible for it being. That is why we like to talk mainly only about birds and bees, quite literally. The language of Tassawuf exists within each Aboriginal language but in very very few words. More postures and sign language.

we get too scared to pronounce much "th" cos we don't wanna be who did, but trust in Allah

so we go "a"

, th , th , th , th , th , th , th ,
a . a . a . a . a . a . a . a

Arabic makes commas where we tell and we go silent at where Arabic tells. But within same knowing.

Like in an Aboriginal dot painting to look between the dots of a dot circle and the patterns like in Islamic Art are there also.


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