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10-28-2006, 02:41 AM
Waram, (our way lingo for AssalamualaykomuWarahmathallahiWarabarakathahai)


This is a question about why other folks are not so able to be attuning with Dreams as are Australian Aborigines. Why is it we can discriminate which are caused by shaytan mucking around if we are in Traditional way. (heaps of us are not in traditional way right now but sort of know that we did fall by, and that is regarded as OK, sort of, and sort of by trusting each other's accountiblity within noticing that nobody else could with eyes open to the story)

Our culture maintains that the best way to take your self; that is to tell, that you got to take it that way: of what you truly actually own by your own labours . . . the best way to take yourself is by letting every period of time between sleeping times, be defined by letting the Dream which woke you up form the structure of what you are learning to know. That is, if a scary Dream wakes you up, then you spend all day trying to avoid it coming real, and pray about that etc; but if a good and real Dream wakes you up, then you must work into realising it, as an obligation to community.

I am wondering if without this teaching, is Prayer enough on its own. We pray too. But that single awakening Dream, which can rouse sensations in the physical mind, is by definition the Dream which will define what can truly be embodied within external mental comprehension, during that day.

Truly it is astonishing the actual extent to which the Dream which wakes you up is almost impossible to avoid. (except in a death consequence being actively accepted: subhanAllah puts a stop: but there are times when the work of trying to dodge a consequence is more beneficial than subhanAllah: so Insha Allah to the Dream you awaken in!)

What is the culture you are in teaching about early morning and routine etc.


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11-03-2006, 04:02 AM
Well so far five votes and all are for alarm woken to prayer.

So I should vote myself but I can not chose between naturally awoken by call to Prayer, since I always wake up from without actually hearing; or waking from a Dream and then waiting to find out what will happen next.

Usually call to prayer wakes me by being call to Prayer in a Dream, then I wait until I know that it is really Prayer time. (the alarm helps there)

How many folk are really the same? That the alarm is only the verification of the internal body clock being wound up to awaken for prayer. Mechanical Alarm clocks ain't been around that long.

That reminds me but, is the clock we use today a Muslim invention? I seen a huge collection of clocks in the Forbidden City in Beijing.


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