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11-09-2006, 10:32 PM
Assalamu Aleykum Wa Rhametulahi Wa Berekatu,

There are many programmes to download which allow you to compile verses and surahs together so taht you can play them again and again in order to memorise them.

These programmes may be hard to understand to some of our less skilled brothers and sisters and might take a long time to download, so I've come up with a solution.

I have some audio capabilities used in song making programmes mainly, through which I can basically put together compilations of a couple of ayat for you of your choice so that you may listen to them again and again, I personally am doing this with Surah An Najm with ayat 1-8 and then 9-16.

You can ask me to add effects such as echos and pan.

One thing is that I can only do it with shaykh Hudhayfe as the recitor, which isnt a problem in reality since he has a slow and clear pace of reciting.

If anyone is interested please just say, with your surah and ayah numbers.

I memorised a great deal of Surah Al Ala just with this method alone through listening to Mishary Rashid Al Efasy, I had found by the end of a period of time I was able to recite alot of it correct, though of course we should all have a teacher to correct our tajweed.

So brothers and sisters, allow me some rewards :p

Your brother


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