View Full Version : Thinking of our children related to man-woman relationship

11-27-2006, 03:26 AM
My son 6 years old is very talkative. He is also very transparent, he will tell me whatever he thinks and feel.

He has girlfriends at his kindergarden. The first girlfriend transferred following the parents to another area far from us. He cried when I told him she gonna transfer in couple of weeks. Another one transferred few months back, the parents baught a new house in another area. The current girlfriend is our neighbour, 4 yrs old. The girl likes him so much. We saw them walked holding hand. I asked him if he really likes her, he said no, he likes another girl. Yes he is 6. Everyday he will asked me if we could go to her house. He didn't use her name, but the brother's name. "Ummi, can we go to Amir's house?" I asked him "Amir or Fatimah?" He will smile shyly.

Last nite I asked him why he doesn't want to finish his dinner. He said he doesn't want to become fat. If he is fat, he will have big tummy. If he got married, he cannot kiss his wife since he has big tummy. He is 6 yrs old!

My point is that, the feeling for opposite sex has developed since they were very young. If we try to deny this feeling, it is not healthy for the community

I'm very concern about teenage problems like abortion, zina, pregnancy out of marriage. How do we handle this problem? What are the role of educator, the role of parents

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11-30-2006, 06:55 PM

At this stage {6 years}they do not realise any such feelings.

Just teach them Islam and when they understand about Opposite sex, being religious and Allah fearing , they will get the right message. inshaAllah.


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