View Full Version : The Islamic Courts and the Ban on Khat

11-27-2006, 06:39 PM
Chewing khat leaves, which is particuarly popular in parts of East Africa, releases cathinone, Khat is a stimulant drug with effects similar to amphetamine.Chewing it makes people feel more alert and talkative and suppresses the appetite, though users describe an ensuing calming effect when used over a few hours. Regular use may lead to insomnia (inability to sleep), anorexia and anxiety.

As much as we support the ISLAMIC COURTS over their fights against those who are sabotaging peace in somalia.Equally we have the rights to tell the maxakiims to slow down on these burnings and banning of khat.We all know that khat is source of almost all evil things we can imagine of.Delivering policies needs wider consultations among the somalis on certain issues like this one that has costed has the life on one somali person.Please and please understand that even the prophet used to practise patience and tolerance ,that is why ALLH revealed the Quraan within 23 years and not within few months.Therefore let our brothers in the MAXAKIIMS know that Khat as bad as its ,it has beeb there and cannot be uprooted with iron handed.Lets us focus much on fighting with TIGRES for now, while others can write and discuss and slowly implement policies on what is to be banned and prohibited and what is to be allowed.


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