View Full Version : My feelings from months ago - reashing my comments

Abu Ibraheem
12-01-2006, 06:16 PM
You will be a stranger to this post as i have dug it from another forum, but as i read it i felt it like i hadnt even written it myself ... i felt compelled to post it here and iwould like a response, insha'Allah

its just an unfortunate thing for new converts to come into Islam and go through the cheesegrater of all this, at a time when Muslims rip the hell out of each other - especially having their own conclusions about a persons guidance ....this is wrong wrong wrong .....what i feel from this is that people from the Muslims are there when its time to complain but where are they when its time to help? for example Muslims complain if theres a sweet wrapper on the mosque floor and they look around like its somebody elses job to pick it up, they complain when somebody commits a sin and they come to know about it, and they are alll more than eager to give their opnion and commentary but where were they when the brother neeeded help and if the help was there the brother or sister wouldnt have fell into that error. Why is it that Muslims look for reasons to hate one another? why is it the elders of Islam are in the mosques talking about how everybody should be living and how everybody else is wrong when there own children are out there selling drugs and that? bu t thats besides the point ....i think i went of track a little there ......im of track anyway and i find that Muslims look at me like a helpless case ....i guess muslims dont want to help but turn there backs and run like cowards? but when its time to condemn me ...there they are giving the public speech, very soon i feel they will takfeer me and Allah knows best its probaly already been done. if my brother was about to fall into kufr hmmm what would i do? would i stand their with a mega phone and takfeer him and help him on his way? yeh good idea! the more reason to beat my chest and claim i am on the right path! that will make me feeel alot better about myself .......but anyways the kalimah is so simple 'theres no god but Allah and Muhammad saw is His Messenger' and Muslims want to take this away from me? they want to mock me for following outwardsly sunnahs? they want to call my brothers suicide bombers? and that happend ...my brothers were called Osama bin laden and extremeists by Muslims all because they were steadfast in their relgion and still are and these people that called them terrorists are training to be our future ulama, i had one of them call Hamza Yusuf a ******e all because he condemned the statements of Hischam kayybani ....what the hell is going on? i think that this is the time deen is reverting back to madinah and i think this is the time when the Prophet saw siad something along the lines of escaping with your deenj and moving to the hilltops ...because it seems that the worsest enemys are ourselves and its true if we let the outside world have eefect on us then sooner or later it will have eefect on our innerselves .....omoobah youre right when you say turn inwards ...i just keep on forgetting and forgetting to do that because its very disturbing for me ...but i will try ....but my frustration boils and if it werent for the few friends that Allah has given me i would have went of the rails along time ago .........wasalams

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Abu Ibraheem
12-01-2006, 06:18 PM
the stars in the post spell W-a-haabie, its been edited - i believe the usage of the word is a nasty adhominem designed by those who seek excuse not to follow the Qur'aan and theSunnah

12-01-2006, 07:02 PM
HAmza yusuf a ******, that is the first time I heard him label as such. Anyway back to the topic. I think their is to much pointing the finger, and when done incorrectly and wrongly it get's a bit out of hand.

Abu Ibraheem
12-01-2006, 08:23 PM
do you reckon i was pointing the finger too, i mean am i correct it what i was saying here ?

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