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View Full Version : 18 Million Brit''s Cant Read Well .....

01-07-2007, 03:18 PM

Researchers for the Department for Education discovered 18 million adults in the UK have problems reading lyrics even though they are from a famous popular song.


I sit and wait
does an angel contemplate my fate
and do they know
the places where we go
when we´re grey and old
´cos I´ve been told
that salvation lets their wings unfold
so when I’m lying in my bed
thoughts running through my head
and I feel that love is dead
I’m loving angels instead

and through it all she offers me protection
a lot of love and affection
whether I’m right or wrong
and down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
I know that life wont break me
when I come to call she wont forsake me
I’m loving angels instead

If you can CONGRATULATIONS! You can read better than 18 million people.



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