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Ibn Abi Ahmed
01-16-2007, 11:51 PM
Famous Works Concerning Ilm al-Mastalah al-Hadeeth

Author: Shaykh Mahmood at-Tahhaan
Source: Tayseer Mastalah al-Hadeeth (pg. 10-13)
Published: Monday 31st October, 2005

1. al-Muhaddith al-Faasil Bayn ar-Raawee wal-Waa'aee
This is the work of Qadhee Abu Muhammad al-Hasan ibn Abdur Rahmaan ibn Khilaad ar-Raamehrmuzee (d.360H). He did not cover all the aspects of Mastalah al-Hadeeth. Without doubt any individual who first writes a book on a specific field or knowledge falls into this problem and no blame can be placed on the author.

2. Ma'arifah Uloom Al-Hadeeth
Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abdullah Neeshapooree al-Ma'aroof Imaam Haakim (d.405H) is the author, but in this book the subjects and discussions are not in any specific order.

3. al-Mustakhraj A'la Ma'arifah Uloom al-Hadeeth
This is Abu Nuaym Ahmad ibn Abdullah Isbahaanee's (d.430H) work. In this book he did Istadraak on the book of Imaam Haakim (In it he added those fundamentals and principles, according to the conditions set by Imaaam Haakim upon those discussions that were left out by him in his book Ma'arifah Uloom al-Hadeeth i.e. the principle of this knowledge). But he also left things out upon which other people could make Istadraak upon him.

4. al-Kifaayah Fee Ilm ar-Riwayah
This was written by Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn Alee ibn Thaabit al-Ma'aroof Khateeb Baghdaadee (d.463H). This book in the field of Mastalah al-Hadeeth is numerated with issues and it is saturated with statements on the principles of narrations. It is regarded and ranked high amongst the books of knowledge.

5. al-Jami'a al-Akhlaaq ar-Raawee Aadaab as-Saam'e
This is also the writing of Khateeb Baghdaadee. This book deals with the discussion of the manner of narrating (Ahadeeth) as is apparent from the title. In this field this is the only book, it is strong in its discussions and subjects. Khateeb Baghdaadee wrote a separate book on every aspect in the Uloom of Hadeeth apart from some areas. Khateeb has a particular position and status as Abu Bakr Ibn Nuqtah said:
"Anyone who is just, then he has come to know or he has said that all the Muhadditheen who will come after Khateeb are dependent upon his books."
6. al-Lama'a Ila Ma'arifah Usool ar-Riwayah Wa Taqayyid as-Sama'a
This is the work of Qadhee Ayyaadh ibn Moosaa Yakhsabee (d.544H). This book does not include all the discussions on Mastalah al-Hadeeth.

7. Ma Laa Yasa'aa Al-Muhaddith Jahlah
Its author is Abu Hafs Umar Ibn Abdul Majeed Miyaanjee (d.580H). This is a small booklet which does not contain a great deal of benefit.

8. Uloom Al-Hadeeth
This was written by Abu Amr Uthmaan Ibn Abdur Rahmaan Shehrzoree al-Ma'aroof Ibn Salaah (d.643H). This book is famous with the name of Muqqaddimah Ibn Salaah, in the field of Hadeeth it is the best book. In this book the author gathered all the important discussions that Khateeb and other Scholars had written in their books in different styles and methods. Although it is filled with beneficial knowledge and points it still lacks categorization because the author would teach it to his students in small parts. Later Scholars rely on this book, and there are many summaries of it. It has also been written in poetic form.

9. at-Taqreeb Wal-Tayseer Li-Ma'arifah Sunan al-Basheer Wan-Nadheer
The author of this book is Muiuddeen Yahyaa ibn Sharf An-Nawawee (d.676H). This is a summary of Ibn Salaah's book Uloom al-Hadeeth, it is a good book but sometimes the text may be problematic and unclear.

10. Tadreeb ar-Raawee Fee Sharh Taqreeb an-Nawawee
Its author is Jalaal-ud-Deen Abdur Rahmaan ibn Abee Bakr Suyootee (d.911H). This is an explanation of Imaam an-Nawawee's book at-Taqreeb as is apparent from the title. The author compiled many scholarly points and benefits.

11. Nazam ad-Darr Fee Ilm al-Athar
It was written by Zain-ud-Deen Abdur Raheem ibn al-Hussain A'raaqee (d.806H). This book is well known and famous by the name of al-Fiyaah al-A'raaqee. It is Ibn Salaah's book Uloom Al-Hadeeth in poetic form and he also added beneficial points to it. It is a magnificent book and has numerous explanations; of which the author has written two himself.

12. Fath al-Mugeeth Fee Sharh al-Fiyaah al-Hadeeth
Its author is Muhammad ibn Abdur Rahmaan as-Sakhaawee (d.902H). It is an explanation of Araaqee's al-Fiyaah, and it is the best explanation of it.

13. Nukhbah Tul-Fikr Fee Mastalah Ahlul-Athar
This is Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaanee's (d.852H) writing. This is a very brief booklet but in terms of categorization it is the best summary. The author himself wrote an explanation of it called Nazhatan Nazar.

14. al-Manzoomah al-Bayqooniyyah
The author of this book is Umar ibn Muhammad al-Bayqoonee (d.1080H). It is a 34 line poem and is counted amongst the best-summarized books; there are many explanations of it.

15. Qawaa'id At-Tahdeeth Min Fanoon Mastalah al-Hadeeth
It was written by Shaykh Jamaal-ud-Deen Qaasimee (d.1332H) and it is a very beneficial book.

There are many more books on this subject and the discussion would get lengthy if they were to be mentioned here.


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01-17-2007, 09:02 AM
As Salaamu Alaykum,

MashaAllah!! :bravo:

Great Subject!!

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