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01-17-2007, 09:53 PM
The Initial Pakistani generations to hit British Soils were laborers, the English-folk thought it be a good idea to get some more and thus themselves becoming lazier and reluctant to do labourous jobs. When the Pakistani workers got their citizenships they applied for their families by now English-folk were tolerant enough as long as the minorities were yes sir master. The Pakistanis were now becoming communities, they had more cultural values and beliefs and had limited knowledge of Islam. The next couple of generations of Pakistani's who grew up here from child-hood were stuck in a clash between back-home culutural-values and western way of life. Mosques were needed to teach people Islam, with imported Mullahs from India and Pakistan. The imported Mullahs were capable of teaching the Holy Quran, where you can read but not understand unless you read the translation. There was a language barrier now, the Mullahs were able to speak Indian or Pakistani but not English, so they did not manage to fit in much Islamic knowledge.
The British-Pakistani children were now under pressure from their parents to get a good education and become a doctor, lawyer, engineer etc. And also at the same time uphold cultural and Islamic values, dont see English girls or boys, stay away from haraam stuff, like pork, beer or drugs. The pressure was really mounted on, then surprisingly a lot of parents were becoming lenient and trusting in their children. The Pakistani children now also had the pressure of trying to fit in with the English children.
The generation of Pakistani's that grew up here some inherited family business's others got their degree and had achieved their dream-jobs or dream-jobs what their parents wanted for them, many also swayed on the wrong paths. The rebellious ones did want a white girlfriend or boyfriend, they did want a taste of haraam. Their offsprings politically correct term half-castes. But soon the British asian communities grew and the asian children did not feel the need to try so hard to fit in with the english communities, they had their own kind now to hang about with, friends became partners in gangs or partners in bed, a lot also earned a good and respectable profession. Now these are the British Born and Bred asians, while their parents were born in Pakistan or India but they came to Britain at an early age. Their parents even encourage them to be more British, speak in english only, almost completely lost their mother-tongue.
Some of the British asians also have a taste for the western way of life, drinking, taking drugs, having a relationship outside marriage is a growing trend among many, also amongst the young girls the trend to dress in a western manner, wearing revealing tight clothes is also growing. There are also those who behave themselves and refrain from all these sort of destructive actions, but their lifestyle has now adapted western values, divorce is not taken so seriously, caring for parents is neglected, visiting sick relatives or visiting them at all even is not done, performing salaah, or reading the Holy Quran, in many cases cant read at all also some that were never even taught how to perform salaah, too busy playing and studying when young and too busy working and socialising with friends when an adult.
Injustices taking place in muslim countries didnt bother many as they were totally unaware of it. With the media growing with time the Gulf war got coverage but still didnt affect many in a awareness of whats going on.
The way the 9/11 attacks were showcased so much it got almost every muslim living in the west bring into question of them being a muslim. The media told them muslims are responsible and thats what their religion teaches them to do. The muslims were now asking the question does Islam allow this.
This had a lot of muslims researching and taking an interest into their faith.
The reason I mentioned before that the Initial Pakistani parents had very little Islamic knowledge and uphold cultural values and beliefs more. One of the prime examples of this is Forced Marriages and in some unfortunate cases Honor Killings. Forced marriages has had a lot of asian youths questioning themselves does Islam allow this. Thus them doing some research into Islam.
As the asian community evolved into adapting a western way of life and fitting in and then into British asian communities that also sometimes clash with their inherent culture back home, as the British Asians are in most cases viewed by their relatives in Pakistan as wealthy and thus superior also adding the pressure of forced marriages onto parents who have siblings or cousins with children that need wedding off. It is viewed by them better their children marry someone from abroad, its their way of ensuring a better life for their son or daughter. The reason these marriages fail so often is due to a culture clash, language barrier, already in a relationship with someone and appearance of the Pakistani partner, there are those who are happy also.
The Muslim community in Britain is grasping Islamic values that most totally lost, they are shedding off cultural values slowly. As a lot of hungry minds are yearning for knowledge, innovations and misguidance is also creeping in, the British government hasn't missed a chance to abuse isolated cases and give them all the media attention. Emotions are still overpowering for many, new pressures a new struggle.

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01-20-2007, 01:12 AM

Wow, amazing and sad at the same time but good. Great post brother, this is very different from Canada, but soon it may change. Interesting and I learned something valuable from it :) .


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