View Full Version : Tafsîr of: "...He sends the thunderbolts and therewith He strikes whom He Wills..."

Ibn Abi Ahmed
01-19-2007, 02:42 AM

From Anas bin Mâlik, who narrated:

The Messenger of Allâh (peace be upon him) sent a man from his Companions to a man from the people of ignorance in order to call him to Allâh - the Blessed and Exalted - so he said to the Companion:

"What is this Lord of yours that you call me to? Is He made of iron? Is He made of copper? Is He made of silver? Is He made of gold?"

So, the Companion returned to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and told him of what had happened, so he (peace be upon him) sent the Companion back a second time. The man told him the same thing, so he was sent a third time. The man told him the same thing, so the Companion returned and informed the Prophet (peace be upon him), so, Allâh - the Blessed and Exalted - sent a thunderbolt that struck the man and burned him up.

The Messenger of Allâh (peace be upon him) then said: "Verily, Allâh - the Blessed and Exalted - has sent upon this man that you know a thunderbolt which has burned him up."

The verse was then revealed: {"... He sends thethunderbolts and therewith He strikes whom He Wills, yet they (disbelievers) dispute about Allâh. And He is Mighty in strength and Severe in punishment."} [Ar-Ra'd; 13:13]

The hadîth is in 'As-Sahîh al-Musnad Mimmâ Laysa fis-Sahîhayn' of ash-Shaykh Muqbil al-Wâdi'î (1/75-76).


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