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01-22-2007, 04:55 PM
Channel 4's Dispatches made a documentary on the violence in the Palestinian territories by Israel, how Israel not only kills Palestinian civilians, but international aid workers and foreign reporters as well:


First the documentary: Peace, propoganda and the holy land exposed how Israel was building settlements in West bank in such a way as to annex the land as well as showing the conditions Palestinians live under, and not Dispathces is being brave enough to report and expose Israels's crimes against humanity and the seige under which residents of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem live. This is good news, hopefully more and more documentaries will be made highlighting the plight of Palestinians and the violent and brutal Israeli occupation.

Here is a Israeli movement dedicated to ending the violent occupation and aggression against the Palestinians:

The face of refusal in Israel is getting younger. More and more, young people are refusing to be a part of the occupation and violent control of the Occupied Territories and choosing conscientious objection over the IDF

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