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02-13-2007, 05:42 PM

A watchdog has told the Metropolitan Police to apologise to the two families involved in the "terrifying experience" of the Forest Gate anti-terrorism raid.

An apology. Do you think it's enough after all the family have been through?

Here's a brief recap....

:uuh: Mohammed Abdulkahar, 23, who was shot in the shoulder, and his brother Abul Koyair, 20, were released a week after the police operation.

:uuh: The IPCC said police tactics during the raid had been "forceful and aggressive",

:uuh: The 11 members of the two households targeted in the raid made 150 separate complaints about how they had been treated, including that family members not arrested at the scene were taken to a police station.

:uuh: Mr Abdulkahar said: "I don't believe any form of intelligence they have is justification to attack people like this, brutally attacking my dad.
"He is 60 years old, he was half naked and they were beating him on the floor."

:uuh: Hanif Doga, who lived at one of the houses raided and says he was struck on the head with a gun, said: "I could have died from this injury, yet the IPCC dismiss it as a minor head injury and call for no further action.

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