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02-14-2007, 05:31 PM
mashallah i am so happy after watching this viedo it really gets to me subhnallah!, so lets think ''why'' do we miss it when these ittle kids don't subhnallah! watching soccer is much better than praying salah, or lets say shopping is more better... salah comes last after shopping am i right dudes?? so why do we miss it then? why? why don't we perform salah staright away when we know it's time, why do we ALWAYS say to our parents one minute when it's been 10mins why? why are we so lazy && layed back oh why? why don't we realise about Al-Akhirah! why?. What are we going to be asked on the Day Of Judgement, first thing we will be asked about is 'salah'!
ask your selfs whats is happning to the YOUTH! ya allah! :cry: :cry: many people really want to perform salah but they can't for many reasons imsad imsad


amin thumma amin ya rabbil alameen to the dua'ah that was mentioned in the vid :cry:

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02-14-2007, 05:41 PM


MashaAllah sooo cute! :) jazaak ALLAH khayr for sharing.


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