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03-06-2007, 01:07 AM
Reading Quran, remembering Allah prove useful for health
Amsterdam, Safar 12, 1427/ March 02, 2007– Leading Dutch psychologist Prof. Van der Hoven declared about an unusual discovery. He assures that he experimentally proved favorable influence of reading of Holy Quran and repeated pronunciation of the name of the Almighty Allah on human health. The most striking point in this research is the fact that Van der Hoven is not Muslim, IslamNews reported.
Prof. Van der Hoven confirms his discovery with profound research studies he made with many patients during the last three years. Some of his patients were not Muslims; many of them didn’t know a single Arabic word. Every patient was taught how to rightly pronounce the word “Allah”. The result was really astounding, especially concerning those who suffered from low spirits, depression and psychological tension.
“Muslims who can read Arabic regularly applying to Quran, are protected from psychological diseases. Repeating the word “Allah” in Arabic also has favorable effects”, the psychologist said. At the same time he explained that every letter of the word “Allah” plays its own role in healing psychological disorders.
Pronunciation of the first vowel “A” supports functioning of respiratory system, controlling breathing. Pronunciation of Arabian-style velar consonant “L” relaxes aspiration. Pronunciation of the last letter “h” according to the rules of the Arabic language supports the contact of lungs and heart that in turn stimulates beating of the heart, the study pointed out.

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