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Phoenix CG
03-20-2007, 07:31 PM
Why Join?
Majidi is an Islamic Organisation aimed at helping Muslims around the world. Using technology and innovative systems, techniques and business practices, we aim to help millions of Muslims by empowering them through their local institutions.

Masjidi will also be running projects aimed specifically at sisters, as we believe it is the mothers which are the future of our next generation, bringing up there children in an Islamic and educational environment is crucial for the growth of Islam.

Masjidi will be running da'wah projects to spread the word of Islam, not on a small scale but on a large scale we will be doing da'wah to over 25 million households by mailshots and developing information sites, giving information on Islam and free material.

By Joining Masjidi you will be part of the committee in decisions for projects we will be undertaking. You will be consulted on all matters of the content on the site, and will have input on the projects. By joining the committee the funds generated will be able to pay for these huge projects. You will also be credited as part of the masjidi committee and will be able to vote in all matters relating to the projects.
We work to combat Islamophobia,help Muslims through education, trading and other fields.

We have had support from organisations such as MCB, Al Muntada Al Islami and many more.

Join and get your membership pack today.
Best Regards,
Adil Jauhar

The Aim of Masjidi is to connect all the Masjids to the internet by providing them free websites, we will then further empower the masjids and the local community by providing further external systems which will be provided to benefit the Muslim Community. Through these projects we aim to give the greater community information on Islam and mass market da'wah materials.
  • Masjidi
  • Muslim Classifieds
  • Muslim Bay
  • Digg Muslims
  • Muslim Social Net
  • Citizen Journalism
  • Study System
  • Mass Da'wah Project
  • Anti Islamophobia

    Sisters Projects
  • Local Sisters Sites
  • Online Sisters Magazines
  • Sisters Discussion Forum
  • Guidelines for setting up Halaqas and local events
Join the committee

MemberShip Pack
  • Help Millions of Muslims
  • Contribute to our 25 million households Dawah Project
  • Donate to the creation of the Masjidi system for Masjids
  • Our other projects to empower Muslims

    Reasons to Join
  • Membership Card
  • Letter with all information on current projects
  • Added to our Mailing list to get Quarterly updates on progress reports
  • Access details to the discussions area
  • Access to the registered areas of the site
  • You will be able to vote for the projects that we do
  • You will receive half price marketing through our mailing list
  • part of the committee to help the Muslims
  • You will be consulted on new projects we will be developing
  • Be the first to see the alphas and betas of our projects
  • Be listed as part of the official committee on the main site


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Phoenix CG
03-20-2007, 07:32 PM
Free Masjid Websites
Connected to a Central Area
Connected to Classifieds system
Connected to Central Discussions area
Connected to a trading system
& More
Masjidi will digitise every mosque in the uk that currently does not have a website. Masjidi will be the only provider for free website development. We know the benefits of having a website, and primarily this is to have direct connection to the local community.
Muslim Classifieds
Muslim Classifieds will be a Free Listing system where users can put up events or items they wish to sell specifically for the local community, this means they do not need to pay postage or any other fee, and is a great way in empowering the local community.
Muslim Classifieds is a website similar to GumTree.com and craiglist which put up advertisements for events and classifieds for people around the world. Muslim Classifieds is aimed at the Muslim market, allowing us to target a niche where people from all over Britain can search for classified adverts in there local city, it is able to refine it per area and then per mosque, this gives people the ability to see the events, and what people are positing in these classifieds from all over Britain.
Muslim Bay
Muslim Bay will be a free online system which will be similar to Ebay, it will allow users to trade nationally or globally, it will have auction capabilities, create stores online and allow users to swap. The system will have many different benefits to the community.
Muslim Bay aims to be the number one internet auction and swapping website, we have more features than rivals such as ebay, Muslim Bay will be first aimed at the Muslim Market in the uk and USA, this will be more simple for us to setup in these countries we will use incentives to use the system such as voucher codes which will allow them to list for free for a short period of time, whilst the system is marketed. The system will be aimed at all sorts of users, but our initial aim will be to market it to Muslims in mosques, universities and then by advertising the system in universities in general and then growing through word of mouth and google advertising. The system has many features which ebay does not posses, Muslim Bay will be the leading system for auctioning and swapping, allowing users to rate other members and make payments directly through paypal.
Muslim Social Net
Muslim Social Net will allow users from all over the globe to communicate with fellow Muslims.
They can use chat, blogs, forums and many other forms on this global platform.
Muslim Social Net, targeted at a niche market, we will become the myspace of the niche, we will be taking a web 2.0 style, the myspace website has attracted 130 million people to register online, on our website we will allow users to register online, discuss on forums and converse with other people on the forum, they will be able to start there own blogs, clubs, chat rooms and put up classifieds all on one centralised system. Muslim Social Net is an excellent platform for bringing together Muslims from all over the globe onto one central system.
Digg Muslims
Digg Muslims will be an online rating system which will help empower other Muslim Websites through free marketing.

The Content on the site will be user generated.
Digg Muslims is an online rating system that utilises web 2.0 technology, Web 2.0 is the new standard for the internet, putting people in control of content and making user experience more integrated with the website, digg muslims allows members to post articles and websites where users can then tag articles and rate them, comment on the articles and give there views about them. This is a great technology which will bring a lot of traffic to the digg muslims website, we will be able to bring thousands of people to discuss and rate articles from all over the internet on one website, this gives us a huge potential for advertising and promoting our other services.
Citizen Journalism
Citism will allow for global citizen journalism, by promoting this we will be able to create a global large scale blogosphere where we will help promote the articles by publishing in some of our other publications.
Citism.com is a citizen journalism based blogosphere that will be created to rival traditional media, by enabling users to show there views on a central system aimed at being a journalism based site for various sectors from technology to world affairs. The site will allow users to voice there views whilst owning there own domain name for example. masjidi.citism.com or AJ.citism.com this allows users to have more control over there blogs and feel that it is there personal website, empowering individuals all over the globe means more views, more news and more ability to communicate and discuss world events. Read more...
Study System
The Study system will teach all sorts of subjects, from Islamic Studies to Graphic Design, this will be free for all students and will provide content and an area to communicate with fellow students. They will have assignments to help them learn more. This is an excellent addition to outside school education and can be in an Islamic Environment, saving many parents the extra costs of expensive tuition.
Study System is an online learning management system, we will be offering online courses in every field which will include the lectures as video format which will be able to stream from the online server, the system will include short courses and long full time courses where users will be able to view the lectures and try out the questions themselves, they will also be given literature through the website in PDF format where they can try to solve questions and study using the online system there will be a small enrollment fee per course or per module, this will bring in a lot of profit and will also be an excellent alternative tuition system where users can go on, online and use the system, there will also be a live chatting system and forum where students can discuss problems with each other and try to solve the problems, assignments will be given online and students will be able to study these and hand them in for reviewal. Our enrollment fee will mean that we can pay an individual to mark the work on a per assignment basis. This is an extremely innovative way for children and adults to learn online, staying connected socialising and saving time.

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