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View Full Version : When the soul is injured

03-21-2007, 11:47 AM
When our physical organ is injured, we would feel it easily,
The injury is maybe caused by the poke of thorn, nail or pin,
Or because of accidentally fall down or bump against wall,
Due to its painful, we would hastily heal the injury,
But when our spiritual organ (soul)is injured or ill,
We don’t feel the pain,
Therefore we never have any intention to heal it,
The injury or illness is caused by the knowledge, status and wealth we possess,
It is also due to the compliment received by others, our good looking or the sturdy body,
Other reasons are:
The test or trial from God in the form of calamity or mishap by which we can’t bear patience to face it.
The numerous worships we carry out that leads our heart to feel contented and satisfied. The feeling of God-fearing no longer exists. We would feel safe.
The absence of the feeling of being with God. Without the feeling of God subservience, our heart would be corrupted.
If our physical organs or limbs are injured, the painful last only temporarily in the world,
Sometimes it brings benefits to us if we face it with full of patience,
We are still considered lucky,
If our internal limbs(soul) are injured or corrupted, we will become a disobedient servant of Allah,
We will get the worse consequence, that is the Hellfire because we are sinful,
Therefore, do look after your spiritual limbs(soul) so that it won’t be injured or ill,
It is the essence of ourselves,
It lasts permanently till the Hereafter,
It will determine our final destination, the paradise or the Hellfire!

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03-22-2007, 09:52 AM
True. We don't feel that we are injured so we don't try to get ourselves healed. And sometimes we hurt our Soul more and the disease increases... I can't explain much since I am ill myself.


03-22-2007, 09:53 AM
very deep thoughts

03-23-2007, 10:37 AM
If only knowledge is given without education/training,
Or it(the education) is given but very little,
It will generate clever persons,
And many progresses or developments are achieved in life,
Many facilities will be provided to ease the living,
The civilizations achieved by mankind are amazing,
But sadly the negative traits of mankind develop at the same time,
Such as envy, greed and jealousy,
In the luxurious life mankind loses his good characters,
They are becoming arrogant, egotistical and self important,
They are showing off, craving for fame, glamour and reputation,
The humanity fades away, the tolerance disappears gradually,
The life of selfishness or self interest is prevailing everywhere,
Crimes and offenses are committed everyday,
There is no more brotherhood, love and care between each other,
Consequently people are living in fear even though in the midst of the easy life,
In the civilized life people are worried and bothered everyday,
Finally mankind loses his happiness,
Therefore let the knowledge given is average but the training(education) must be given perfectly,
But if both of them is given perfectly, this is the foremost,
At the end of time, people are hunting for knowledge only but they abandon the education,
As a result there are many clever people,
But their attitude like animals or satan,
Or like the life of plants in the jungle,

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03-24-2007, 03:18 AM
You really care about your physique,
If it is beautiful or ugly, handicapped or not,
You adorn it always, you look after its health,
Some of you (due to his great concern) carried out plastic surgery,
For the sake of its beauty; fixing the nose to be looked pointed,
The creased skin was made to be smooth,
The flaccid breast was changed to be taut,
You are willing to spend millions dollar for it,
Whilst your internal being which is eternal and everlasting,
has been abandoned, You ignore it, you don't care about it,
Variety of chronic illness has afflicted your soul,
But you never want to heal it, I
n reality, the soul is the essence of you,
The soul that you have never cared for,
has ruined yourself, It also ruins others' life,
Your soul has caused others living in turmoil, uproar and commotion,
The world becomes chaotic, Due to the being that is eternal,
But you still do not want to concern about it,
You still only concern about your external being,
You let your soul to be afflicted by various diseases,
Whereas you have received the risk,(the negative outcome or consequence) In fact you have seen how it has destroyed others,
The main reason behind this is because you do not know God,
And you do not secure the feeling of being with God,

03-24-2007, 03:20 AM

Humankind is generally very concerned with
physical/external infirmities such as high blood
pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and etc.

But do they realize such disease (if faced with
patience) can expiate our sins?

The sins we have committed will be 'cancelled' by God
with the coming of the disease, in if we bear its
burden with [faithful] resilience.

We will not be punished in the Hellfire inshallah if
Allah forgives the sins we have committed.

If we die due to the disease, we will die as a martyr

Humans should devote more attention to spiritual
disease such as stinginess, arrogance, greed, anger,
hatred, envy and the like, and pursue freeing
themselves from it before death.

The spiritual illness will lead us to the wrath of God
and drag us into the Hellfire.

We also will lose our happiness if we are suffering
[from spiritual illness].

These illnesses will create chaos and war in our life.

There will be no unity.

There will be no love and care.

There will be no peace and harmony; man kind live in

If we die with the spiritual disease entrenched in our
soul, we will suffer in the life after death.

In conclusion the spiritual disease is more dangerous
than physical disease.

But nowadays man and woman alike, including Muslims,
have been arrested by ignorance; they forget that our
prophet placed more emphasis on spiritual rather than
physical health.

Even the companions of the prophet were happy if they
were sick, because they

knew Allah wanted to forgive them.

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