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View Full Version : Tsunami- God`s Messenger

03-30-2007, 09:48 AM
It has been a year since Tsunami struck an Indonesian town of Banda Aceh and various other coastal parts of Asia.
Why has this happened? God Al Mighty has His own agenda with this special incident and let us ponder a little on the wisdom and enlightenment from Tsunami

Among God`s virtues associated with Tsunami are:

1. To those with taqwa, it is to upgrade their status
2. To those solehin, it is to have their sins revoked or forgiven
3. To those obstinate and defiants refusing to accept God and His systems (even though they are Muslims), Tsunami is God`s punishment for them.
4. To those unbelievers, it is a condemnation

There are various additional virtuousness from the Tsunami`s incident :

1. With the increase of Islamic awareness throughout the Asian region, probably there are still those who could be made to repent or realize but not through sermon, preaching or teaching. They are the hard-headed and hard hearted group of people, unyielding to God. Hence, Tsunami is the hard and fast actions to make them realise who they really are in this world. They would realise they are only God`s servants, created in this world to serve God and not yielding to nafs, syaitan or their own mind or intelligence.

2. Human beings should know their wrong doings towards God which could have prompted such God`s action in Asia or far east:

a. We are God`s creations living on His earth and yet we use a man-made living system, rejecting His system as if His systems are out of date, unglobal and various other accusations and insults towards God and His systems.
b. We believe our livelihood, fate, illness all come from God and yet in our struggle in life, daily work and enslavement, we do them not for God but for our own desires and syaitan. We are not bothered about God. We pledged to God during our daily prayers as our word of honour or oath: " Indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds".
However, after the solat, the living concept no longer follows God`s commands but submitting to the western values unrelated to God`s wishes.

Thank you Tsunami, for giving us the chance to understand what life is.
Thank you for making us realize who we are.
Thank you for helping us to make a paradigm shift, changing our life directions towards the true destination.
Your actions was only for 10 minutes but sufficient enough to make human beings uttering:

"Oh God, if this is the ending, I do not have any choice except to submit my whole life to you, searching only for Your acceptance. I do fear Your wrath which not even the most powerful nation on earth could hinder. I do fear Your hell. Oh God! please be my Saviour!.

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