View Full Version : Nourishment For Well Being Of The Soul

03-30-2007, 09:53 AM
Love and care, vital nourishment for the soul
Everyone requires love and care
Everyone desires love and care
It is food for the soul.

Life without love and care, the soul is starved
A starving soul leads to sufferings
A suffering soul leads to frustrations
Someone with weak or no faith tends to be in desperation

Without love and care
There is no solidarity
Without solidarity
There is no unity
Without unity
There is division in society
With division in society, the nation will be weak and devastated

Preserve and nurture love and care
Prohibit anything that could ravage love and care
Such as spitefulness, jealousy, arrogance, ill temperedness
Also selfishness and malign practices

It has to be remembered
Love and care will not materialise
Without fear and love of God
Love God, our Creator
Love among human will flourish

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