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03-30-2007, 02:59 PM
When you are praying or worshipping Allah,
Your physical body is standing,
But it does not know anything,
Your physical limb is bowing, but it does not understand anything,
Your physical body is also prostrating,
But remember! It does not know anything.
When your tongue is reciting, It does not understand anything.
If your soul is not bowing together with its physical counterpart,
You have not felt the presence of God.
What did you whisper and say to your God?
If you have not spoken anything when you are worshipping Allah,
You do not feel the presence of God,
Because your heart and soul are not prostrating together,
You do not feel as if you are a servant to the Almighty.
Therefore while worshipping Allah,
And whispering and speaking with God,
You do not feel the presence of God (at that time),
There is no feeling of humbleness, humiliation or lowliness before God,
You do not feel that you are asking and appealing,
You have not prayed,
You are not praying at that time,
You are only performing physical exercise for Allah.
It is no wonder your behavior/manners do not change,

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