View Full Version : An imân booster for me alhamdulillah

Abu Zakariya
08-02-2005, 04:14 AM

I just thought I should share this. It made my imân stronger - alhamdulillah.

When I usually go to the mosque, I abstain from telling my father - whom I live with - because he isn't to keen on letting me off. So I simply say I'm going out or to a friend (which I am).

So one day right before 'Asr, I put my keys in the corner so they wouldn't bother me. And I forgot to take them with me. When I rememberd, I went back and was expecting to find them. What happened? They were gone. I asked someone to help me look but they were nowhere in sight. I paniced. The key for a bicycle I had borrowed was there along with my homekey. My dad would be furious if he found out that I've lost em. Maybe he'd not even let med go to the mosque anymore. So I did what every rational person would do. I made du'aa. I had heard - from a lecture by Yasir Qadhi (Du'aa the weapon of the believer that's available on www.islamaudio.com) - that a du'aa from a desperate person, sincere in his asking for help from Allah, most likely will be answered even if it is a kaafir whose sustenance is haram. You should also - when desperate - raise your hands far away from each other. I was really desperate, but knew that my du'aa would be answered because of what I heard from the lecture.
What happened? I went to two brothers and asked them if they'd seen my keys and one of them had accidentaly taken em. Alhamdulillah rabbil 'alamin.

The thing is that the brother that helped me look had already asked them and they said no. And they were the only one that stayed in the mosque (except for the brother that helped me look, he lives in the mosque). Everyone else had gone home.

Another thing that happened is that I was getting ready to ride my bike to the mosque. When I was about to go, I saw that my father had taken the bike. I thought to myself; "well, I still might make it. I'll just go."
And you all probably know about the fact that if someone tries to please Allah, Allah will make things easy for him. So what happened? I started walking and my father was just coming home. So I took the bike and went to the mosque. Alhamdulillah.
I had also, prior to that, asked Allah to make things easy for me.

THese things maybe don't seem big. But they are signs reminding us of the existence of our Creator - may He be exalted.

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08-02-2005, 04:20 AM
mashaAllah, may Allah reward you with good.

indeed we dont appreciate these "small" bounties of Allah ta'ala. if we come to appreciate ALL these things than inshaAllah Allah will make things easier upon us. whenever we fall into a difficult situation we waste time getting angry over the fact that "we dont deserve to be going through this" rather than invoking Allah and asking Him for His help. may Allah bless those who appreciate every single thing He does for us out of His infinite Mercy, and allow us to be more aware of His Greatness and bounties and increase us in taqwa and imaan, ameen.

Abu Zakariya
08-02-2005, 04:31 AM
There's actually more.

I read a verse in Surah ar-Rahmaan about how men and jinn will be stoned with meteors if they engage in space travel (my interpretation at that moment). This was a little bit puzzling, so I asked Allah to make my iman stronger.

I amidiately took a book that had nothing to do with this (Bilal Philips book about Tawheed) and started reading from where I finished. And what was the theme? It was about how Allah will stone these jinns if they travel to the nearest heaven, where the stars are.
And as I know that men haven't travelled that far, I didn't worry about it anymore.

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