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04-26-2007, 08:12 AM
That Is Because of the Sins of the Muslims

By Abu Khaliyl

In his book al-Jawab as-Sahih, Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah - while explaining that Allah does not completely annihilate some nations, out of some Wisdom of His - he explained some points about the Battle of Badr, and he said:

“Allah, the Most High, said: (Their multitude will be defeated, and they will show their backs) (Al-Qamar:45)

- He informed of them being routed while he [the Prophet - (sall Allahu `alaihi wa sallam)] was in Makkah, amidst a small number of followers who were weak. No one who had any real familiarity with the situation would have thought that he would be victorious and gain the upper hand before they met to fight. But it turned out just as Allah had informed; for indeed on the Day of Badr they were all routed and fled. And that is the Sunnah of Allah with the earlier and the later nations. He, the Most High said:

(And if those who disbelieve fight against you, they certainly will turn their backs; then they would have found neither a wali nor a helper. That has been the Sunnah of Allah.) (Al-Fath:22-23)

And whenever the disbelievers are victorious, that is only because of the sins of the Muslims, which cause a decrease in their faith. Then, if they repent so that their faith be complete - He aids them. Allah, the Most High said:

(So do not become weak, nor sad, and you will be superior if you are indeed believers) (Al `Imran:139)

And He, the Most High said:

([What is the matter with you?] When a single disaster smites you, although you smote [your enemies] with one twice as great, you say: “From where does this come to us?”) (Al `Imran:165).” (End quote)

After reading this beneficial passage, there are a number of important observations:

1.The Sunnah of Allah includes the fact that the disbelievers will flee from the believers after confrontation.

2.That whenever the opposite of that occurs it is only because of the weak faith of the Muslims.

3.That the means to victory for the Muslims is that they earn the title “believers,” relying upon Allah in their faith.

4.That the disbelievers will not find a wali nor a helper against the believers when Allah aids them.

While there are many proofs for these points, and we cite them regularly, and we call the people to remember this, and to reflect upon it, I thought it would be a beneficial reminder to whoever may read this, and that they may reflect on the points mentioned by this great scholar on this matter.

Was-salamu `alaykum
Abu Khaliyl

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04-26-2007, 09:26 AM
Asalaam alaikum warahmatullaah

MashAllaah tabarakAllaah excellent article by Akhi ABu Khaliyl . May Allaah subhawatallaah reward him for his best efforts

wasallam alaikum

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