View Full Version : The enemies of Islam stripping the honour and rights of the Muslimah

04-28-2007, 10:45 PM
The enemies of Islam stripping the honour and rights of the Muslimah
Today, the enemies of Islam, in fact the enemies of Mankind, from among the kuffar, the munafiqeen and those who have in their qulub a sickness are infuriated with the nobility , status and protection which the Muslimah have been granted in Islam. This is because the enemies of Islam and the munafiqeen seek to make the woman an instrument of destruction, a snare by which they can entrap those who are weak in their eemaan and those who have bodily desires in order that they satisfy their desperate lusts.

As Allaah says, "But the wish of those who follow their lustsis that you should deviate away (from the straight path)- far far away." [An Nisa:27]

Those among the Muslimeen who have a sickness in their hearts wish to transform the woman into a cheap commodity in the marketplace of the desirous and shaytanic temptations. They wish make her a commodity displayed in front of their eyes so that they can enjoy her beauty and exact from her what is far worse.

For this reason, they have tried hard to remove the woman from her home and to join the men in the workplace, side by side, or to serve men as nurses in hospitals, as hostesses on planes, as teachers or students in mixed classrooms, as actresses in theatres, singers, as presenters in various forms of media, spreading fitnah with her voice and her appearance.

Lewd magazines uses pictures of naked young females as a means to sell and spread their publications. Traders and manufacturers have also used these images as a means to sell their goods, by displaying them in their advertisements and on their goods.

Because of these dangerous developments, the woman has been removed from her original role in the house. As a result, the husband is obligated to find a maid to bring up his children and to run the affairs of the house. This has in turn caused much fitnah, and produced many more evils.

However we do not prohibit the woman from working outside her house providing the following conditions are met:

1 - She must really need to work - or the society has a definite need for her to work, if there are no others who can undertake her type of work.

2 - That this work takes second place to her duties in the house - which is her original and primary role.

3 - That her work be involved with women only - such as teaching women, or being a doctor or nurse for women, and that she be separated from men.

Also, there is no harm for the woman to learn what she is required to of her deen. It is in fact wajib upon her to do so. There is no problem if she is taught with the other women, and she may attend lessons in the Masjid, and other similar places, as long as she is properly veiled and separated from men, according to the pattern set by the women of the salafus salih in the way they used to work, study and attend the Masjid.

Adapted from "Rulings pertaining to the Muslimah pg. 15 -17" by Shaykh Salih bin Fawzan Aal Fawzan.

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