View Full Version : Please attend: Save Chechnya Exhibition in London

08-07-2005, 04:26 PM
Assalamualaikum (nice forum :thumbs_up mashallah)

*** Stop the Genocide. Killing Fields of Europe ***

Date: Sunday 4th September 2005
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: Islamic Cultural Centre, 146 Park Road, Regents Park, London, NW8 7RG
Nearest Tube station: Baker Street


Stanley Greene Photography from Chechnya: 1994 - 2003

Winner of the 2004 Eugene Smith Award in Humanistic Photography. Winner of the 2004 World Press Photo for Daily Life Award. Courtesy of Trolley Books.

Documentary Screening. Talks expected to start at 2PM with special guest appearances.

Lord Rea
Patron, Save Chechnya Campaign

Dr Khassan Baiev
War surgeon from Chechnya & Author of 'The Oath'

Vanessa Redgrave
Actress and Chechnya Advocate

Supporting organisations:

Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC)
Human Rights & Social Justice Researcg
Islamic Forum Europe
Muslim Directory

For further information please visit:

web: www.savechechnya.org
email: info@savechechnya.org

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Ummu Amatullah
08-07-2005, 11:52 PM
ooooooooooooooooh :'(
its gonna be in London. Why not in the Mpls?

08-08-2005, 10:35 AM
If you cannot attend, get someone else to attend who you know is from the UK :)

Please attend brothers and sisters :thumbs_up

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