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05-06-2007, 10:02 AM
Assalaamu alaykum sisters,

I was wondering if there were any sisters here who wear niqaab in the west and have children. I imagine many of you have had to deal with the negative reactions of both ignorant muslims and non-muslims (may Allah guide them all) to your niqaab. We are all adults and we can learn to deal with it, but how do you deal with it when your children are exposed to their harsh comments and hurtful sneers? How do you explain it to them and protect their self-esteem? How do your children react? Do your husbands understand the implications of your choice, and do they support you (without being intrusive)? Also, as the summer months approach, we all want to take our children out to enjoy the beautiful weather. What suggestions do you have for those of us looking to preserve our niqaab but still take our children out to enjoy the season?

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05-06-2007, 11:25 AM

ive noticed very few people actually say mean stuff to your face, and i dont really think children are affected or in some cases quite understand what is going on. the majority of people are polite and treat niqabis just like anyone else, its only a minor lot of people who show any negativity
(though i havent got kids i have been out with nephews and niece, younger cousins etc)

for going out places like theme parks, bowling skating, zoos etc, even though it seems theres not other niqabis people are (generally) polite if you atleast show your eyes. in short- unless you go to a racist or estatey area children arent really affected because most people are too busy doing their own stuff or are not rude.

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