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05-23-2007, 09:17 AM



His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Halabee Al-Atharee

Translated by: www.asaala.com

Within the last few days, I noticed that some journalists would write about the Salafee Call and its methodology with much concern, be it with or without a prior knowledge about the true nature of this call. Thus, those writers dealt with the topic from different point of views; some would praise this call, others would degrade it, a third party would see it promising, and another one would see it threatening. Moreover, and unfortunately, some would lie about it, while others would say the truth. However, within all of this, those journalists would mention some irrelevant descriptions and divisions of the Salafee Call which have no solid grounds either in the past or at present, nor will they have any in the future as I believe!

Thus, some would describe it with being reactionary; others will even expand the term to be old-fashioned. Other writers would divide it to reformatory and classical, while a third party would change the previous division into scholarly and Jihadist!!! Moreover, others would claim that it is cut off form present and not benefiting from its new happenings, while others, who are excessively optimistic, would say that the future is for the Salafee!

Well, I was not surprised of all of that, because most, if not all, of these accusations are old-new and readymade ones—fresh and canned—to be served for the audience in conformity with their inclinations, different tastes, and different policies!!!

But what really startled me, for sure, is that news which stated that the Mashaayikh or the members of the Salafee Call—just like this—in Gaza stripe have killed and bombed, and then threatened to destroy...etc…etc. However, all the intellectuals, among those who have sound judgment, certainly know that such descriptions for those doers will not be more than:

First, an alleged and false ascription done by those doers to the Salafee Call in an attempt to degrade this call and distort the truth about it.

Second, an alleged and false description of those doers to be Salafee by the opponents of the true call in an attempt to turn things upside down and distort the facts, especially in the light that every one knows that the Salafee Call is not a partisan organization nor a framed movement, let alone to be a targeted political group; rather it is a peaceful, guiding, and scholarly call.

Well, I am not writing in the course of defending any one in particular, nor am I talking on the behalf of others or trying to impose my own opinion at the expense of the others; however, I am only writing to manifest in a very clear manner what I know for sure about this call for about thirty years which I spent as a student of knowledge by pursuit, preaching, and writing with the scholars and great figures of this call, especially our sheikh, the great scholar, Imam Muhammad Naasirud-deen al-Albaanee—may Allah have mercy on him--.

Accordingly, the Salafee Call is based on—root-related and branch-related—the establishment of security and faith as Allah, Exalted be He, said: "It is those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah and worship none but Him Alone) and confuse not their belief with Dhulm (wrong i.e. by worshipping other deities besides Allah), for them (only) there is security and they are the guided"; and so, it is a call that surely knows the value of the Muslim blood before his Lord, and that it is more valuable—before Him—than His sacred house (i.e. the Kaaba), and thus the members of this call do not deem it legitimate; nor do they shed it or make light of it, be it much or very little.

It is also a call that knows the value and rights of the Muslim ruler in the light of the obedience of Allah and His Messenger, without negligence or excessiveness or hypocrisy or double-facing; it knows this as a religious duty and loyalty.

It is a call that keeps itself away from the game of politics and the field of the politicians which may have a start but never has an end; it does so in a just but not wrong way and in true but not coward way. Doing this, this call is completely devoted to maintain the public interests of the Muslim nation in general and one's country in particular by means of teaching and work as well in a way which does not contradict with the true Sharee'ah and its sublime purposes.

Hence, all of this, including the premises and results, represents the religion-related politics which was preached to by the scholars of this call thru generations; since the times of Sheikhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, eight centuries ago, and until this very day thru the recommendations of our great sheikhs…

The Salafee Call, which derives its roots of existence and factors of continuance from the pure Islam and its genuine sources, and without the belief that this truth is only possessed by its members—proves, thru its serious stands and stable facts, that its course has not fluctuated, nor has the purity of its natural disposition or clarity of path changed. Not to mention that this call was and still standing in defence for the public interests of the nation in accordance with the rules of the Sharee'ah, against all of the deviants who are directed against the Muslim nation, whether they be outsider enemies who—impudently—oppose the Lord of the worlds or insider enemies who ascribe themselves to Islam and speak on the behalf of the Muslims, while they commit the worst deeds like those Takfeerees who, thru their foolishness and ignorance, distorted the Islamic facts and the details of the Religion, or like those Safavids, who are earnestly exporting their alien rejecters' Persian revolution in order to transfer it to Levant (Ash-Shaam), especially its beating heart; the Sunni Jordan. They do this under the camouflage of some attractive slogans, the apparent outside of which is mercy, but inside them will be torment…

Every one witnesses—and Allah is the Best Witness—that there is no one—and this is due to Allah's mercy—who faced these deviant (Safavid) ideologies and their callers or those Takfeerees stoutly like the members of the pure Salafee Call. They did not do this influenced with some political changes or in an attempt to influence certain election campaigns; rather they did it on the basis of religious and creed-related principles which were stable, clear, and well-established. We did this asking for the pleasure of our Lord, Exalted be He, and in order to preserve our sound Salafee creed so that it remains pure and bright…

Thus, let anybody writes whatsoever he/she wants to write—be it dictated or composed--, because it is, after all, as what Allah, Exalted be He, said: " Nay! Man will be a witness against himself [as his body parts (skin, hands, legs, etc.) will speak about his deeds] though he may put forth his excuses (to cover his evil deeds)". And the Truth is very manifest, whereas the Falsehood is very fluctuant…

Besides, those who know the truth but deviate from it and turn things upside down should fear Allah, the Exalted; and so should those who deal with things ignorantly, who direct their pens in conformity with the direction of their media. Indeed, "Allah defends those who believe"…

And Allah is our Supporter…

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