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05-23-2007, 02:08 PM
I like many others have always been fascinated by, ghosts, jinns and angels. My vision of an angel was a white illuminating bird like creature with two wings and an hovering ring above their head. My image of a ghost was a floating being with a white bed sheet over them with two holes for the eyes. My image of a jinn was something that comes out of a lamp when you rub it, and this jinn then grants you wishes.
Now where did all these images come from, well as a muslim born and bred in a western country its no surprise that these images were put in my head throughout school, media and books.
As one grows up you realise that ghosts arent the friendly beings portrayed by movies like casper, ghosts are a complete work of fiction, either to intrigue or scare people. Angels well another work of fiction although angels exist they are not as we would like to visualise them.
Jinns, well they dont come out of lamps and grant wishes, they are beings created from fire and invisible to us, as I grew up the image of the jinn was more horrific, the devil as a lot have depicted him popularly to have horns coming out of his head, with a hideous appearance all together, sort of half man half beast.
At college I got in with the wrong crowd, I can safely say a bunch of Atheists, and I was studying science also.
Now this is a dangerous combination, as I was already non-practicing and the atheists convinced me that seeing is believing. Out the window was my belief about ghosts, angels and jinns.
The dangerous part was doubts aroused in my mind about the existence of God too. This thought I couldn't shake off since lame viewpoints of the atheists that I was surrounded by put doubt after doubt in my mind also studying science wasn't helping. Deep down after a long debate with myself, one thought made me shudder and sent a chill down my spine. This thought was if there is no God, then that means we are all alone, and the world is dog eat dog, how can there be room for any hope, how can there be justice, how can there be a purpose to life, how can our mere existence be of any merit.

Believe me these doubts didnt just dissapear I was haunted by these thoughts, whenever I would go through troubled times I always knew I could turn to God and it made my heart full of hope, but since these doubts in troubled times I was still turning to God but the doubts would cloud my mind and I would end up trying to debate or explain to myself, I felt like I was going crazy.
As a muslim I couldnt really talk to fellow muslims as they would call me names, or simply tell me off for blaspheming. Just the mere mention of isnt it possible that God doesnt exist and I would get dirty looks or a cold response, instead of getting an exlpanation.
This was a disease I was suffering from, because the doubt was growing stronger, I didnt really want to think that you die and thats it, my mistakes were I never sincerly turned to God, If I had to pray it was just movements and for show to other people, when reading the Holy Quran it was same I would pretend to read only because I was in a situation where reading was unavoidable (khatams etc).

I started having frequent nightmares so I was afraid of sleeping. Well this disease took a long time to get rid of. I came across some brothers at college giving out some leaflets, they were explaining how a professor of embryology finds detailed description of this process in the Holy Quran. I was stunned by the discovery, but for whatever reason I didnt bother checking it up so that didnt remove the doubts from me. For whatever reason soon after a few years of living in doubt and ignorance and not practicing I started studying Islam and this removed most of my doubts.

I decided to go to Pakistan and gain some knowledge from there. In Pakistan I found myself in the midst of sectarian differences, a world full of superstition, confusion, soothsayers and believers that jinns do grant wishes. I was all over confused but this time it was a different sort of confusion.

Thankfully my previous in depth look in Islam helped me see past their lameness, but the problem was I was overwhelmed once again by the views of not atheists, but this time confused or ignorant muslims. I remember going to peers making unbelievable claims, people invoking other things besides Allah thinking they will intercede for them, amulets were being sold to people at some high prices and people buying them. Men claiming they control jinns and can make them do whatever you want, all you have to do is pay them for this service. Soothsayers reading my palm, or just asking a few questions and then telling me I will have this and that in the future. Now it was a new confusing and doubts surrounding my mind. I wanted to control a jinn too and be able to look into the future, or with the help of the jinn find out anything about anyone. This time round I was led into more blindness and stray, but I am thankfull to Allah for the good that came out of it. Because this made me look into Islam and the Quran more than anything before. Believe me an in depth study of the Quran only brought me closer to Allah.

I would advise brothers and sisters and people in general, be careful of allowing people to put these views of doubt of fictional images into your minds. All this is a ploy of the devil to take you away from Allah (God). If you cant see something theres a reason behind it and people attribute false mysteries to the unseen things as there is less chance of you proving them wrong. Peers advertise if your having difficulties of any sort contact us, and everyone has troubles and difficulties, and they only end up telling you that the reason behind your troubles and difficulties is the result of an evil eye or black magic. Remember they are in it to make money and exploit peoples troubled lives, they arent aware of something that you cant figure out. Our judgement no matter how good of a judge we think we are always fails us, therefore we must seek Allah's guidance always, He has absolute knowledge.

Allah SWT knows best.

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- Qatada -
05-23-2007, 02:26 PM

Maasha Allaah that's so true! alot of the places in the muslim world we go to today, the practises done there are practises of the times of ignorance, before the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him.)

Also, i agree that the media portrays these kind of unseen pieces of creation in a fictional way so we actually believe in the way they want to portray it. i.e. they usually display angels as females, or jinn as devils. And alot of the times people fall for it, and the media does a good job of it by making it seem as if its fiction only. Yet if we looked into the Qur'an and Authentic Sunnah, then we would find the answers directly, yet we turn to others besides Allaah for guidance. And if that other being doesn't help us get closer to Allaah, then we're probably going down the road of misguidance. We seek refuge in Allaah from that.

PS: Try to spacen the text out abit insha Allaah so it becomes easier to read. :) And jazaak Allaah khayr for that.. i think alot of us go through stages like that in life, and the praise is for Allaah who made us muslims.

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