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05-24-2007, 10:56 PM
Today while doing rounds, we were called down to see some "criminal" patients, one who was a 68 year old cuban man. With blindness in one eye. He was shackled from both hands and feet with two cops by his door. The attending wanted to speak to him privately but they wouldn't let him.
His crime was his illegal status in the country. He seemed like a dignified man, and I was absolutely horrified and heart broken, I felt much indignation at the ill treatment this man received and still receives, in his condition and his age. I can't fathom what his children might be feeling if they saw their father man-handled and treated like a common criminal.

I am outraged that some think this is justice, when it is meant to humiliate a human being, whose only crime was to seek treatment and a better life. I have seen many horrible things in my day and still continue to see them. I can't get this man's image out of my head. I can't understand how some would call this civility, and advancement of the western world. Where is the humanity?
Anyhow-- thanks for reading this.. I don't know how to restore someone's dignity that was wrongfully stolen, or clean my mind of his image, as he was telling us, "beware of me, I am a dangerous criminal, I violated immigration laws." :cry:

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05-25-2007, 03:15 PM
Allah tests those he loves :)

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