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05-25-2007, 11:07 AM
So, I've been pondering over the last few days (as you do) about the state of the Muslim Ummah.

It's pretty obvious that Islam is being targeted around the world, and we are being hard done by the media etc, but what's the real problem behind our disunity?

Is it culture, is it 'sects' or is it just a lack of Islam?

For example, take the establishment of the Khilafah. Now, it goes without saying that you can't have a Khilafah without a Caliph. I understand that many people are pushing for a Khilafah, and I'm sure we would ALL love to have a functioning, successful Khilafah state... but there's a problem. I'm sure many of you may already know of this, but there's enough politics in just selecting a chairman or a Imam or a committee to head a small mosque.

All kinds of issues come into it; culture, lack of understanding, politics, people doing it just for the name... etc, etc.

How would you propose we focus on a grassroots level? We need to form a solid base from which the Muslim Ummah can function.

Personally, I feel that, firstly, each and every one of us needs to focus on his/her family. The family is the atomic building block for many a goal. The reason I feel this is that it's within our complete sphere of influence; we need to teach ourselves and the next generation how to deal with conflict - how to deal with situations the way the Prophet would have. Only then will be really be able to make Islam count. I see many brothers going out to the mosque for months on end, only to see their children smoking and drinking and doing other stupid things.

IMHO, example is the key.

I'm not siding with anything or anyone here, I'm just keen to see what strategies my Brothers and Sisters have employed in an effort to be an effective Muslim -- hopefully I'll learn something :D

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