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View Full Version : [Audio] AOU Tapes Principles of Faith III:Eeman Vs. Kufr - By Sheikh Waleed Bassyouni

06-21-2007, 04:06 AM
Principles of Faith III:
By Sheikh Waleed Bassyouni
Eeman Vs. Kufr
This course discusses Islam, Eeman, Ihsan, Al-Taqwa, Al-Fisq, Al-Kufr, Al-Shirk.
Al-Bid’ah(Innovation in Islam) and their definition, types, and rulings in detail. It also discusses issues that lead sects to deviate.
These tapes where recorded from a course offered by the American Open University titled Principles of Faith III.
This course is an intensive accredit Sharia course.
The classes were offered in the Islamic Center of San Diego (ICSD) with Sheikh Waleed Bassyouni.
Tape 1: Download
Tape 2: Download
Tape 3: Download
Tape 4: Download
Tape 5: Download
Tape 6: Download
Tape 7: Download
Tape 8: Download
Tape 9: Download
Tape 10: Download
Tape 11: Download
Tape 12: Download
Tape 13: Download
Tape 14: Download
Tape 15: Download
Tape 16: Download
Tape 17: Download
Tape 18: Download
Tape 19: Download
Tape 20: Download
Tape 21: Download
Tape 22: Download
Tape 23: Download
Tape 24: Download
Tape 25: Download
Tape 26: Download

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