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06-23-2007, 10:34 AM
:sl: brothers and sisters.
i am the poster of the thread "please help. at wits end" which was posted up a few weeks back. i have to be quick so this is what i need some help/advice in: Alhamdulilah, Allah has given me the strength to fight (and most of the time) gain victory over shaytaan. However, i have noticed that they are slowly coming back (it has been a week that i have gotten better). the ones where I can't seem to get the words out. Alhamduliah i am getting the words pout, but the thing is it's what lead to that last time of where i nearly went crazy that is coming back and that is just stopping (like pausing) for no reason. i can't help it. When this happens i think the worst case seneario. like oh no, it's coming back, and i feel abit weak and yah just generally think abit negativley. when in reality it's probably still the start of it, and i still have a bit of strength in me to fight, only because of my negative thinking, i tend not to look at it in that angle, and don't realize my strength. i basically think its like the end of the world or something.
i know i have to think positively, and that i have to reverse my thinking, and just to ignore it, but how do i do that when the first thing i think of is a negative, and you know negative thoughts, they tend to get ya abit too fast, and leave no room for positive ones, like you forget to reverse your thinking, and before you know it your abit mentally weak. and also this negative thinking and worse senerio thinking makes me to forget to think poitivley and to think to ignore it. do you know what i mean??

also i have noticed that it just seems to get worse at night and at the end of my prayers. like i have the same whispers during all my prayers but i seem to
be able to ignore them during dhuhr prayer, for example, than ishaa prayer.
like the tv may be on in the arvo and at night, but the noise just seems to make me more anxious at night.

jazakallahu khair.


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06-23-2007, 10:51 AM

Would you like this thread and the one entittled 'please help. at wits end" to be merged together?

About your post:

I believe you have the answer hidden within your post. Anything of this nature is every bit inner, and all about how much determination you have and how much you want or dont want something. If you continue to say that the negativity is overtaken the postive, then it shall. but if you fight it no matter what then you will inshaaAllah reverse this thinking. However, its not some magic pill to take to make it happen, or disappear, so you have to put some work in and actually try. Theres no quick result, nor easy answer, its purely how much you don't want this to happen and your determination by the premission of Allah, to change it.

I pray that Allah heals your situation and make it a means of acheving closeness to him Ameen



06-24-2007, 10:50 AM
:sl: brothers and sisters.

jazakallahu khair for that sis.
yeah, i don't mind if the threads are merged.

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