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07-02-2007, 08:43 PM
I am a western Muslim and come from a strict family background living in the UK. Since we have always lived in predominantly Pakistani and Indian areas the interaction with Muslims has always been there. Over the years I have seen an increase in revert Muslims from English backgrounds and the Jamaican backgrounds, so its a reassuring thing that so many people are embracing Islam.

At the same time the majority of so called Muslims (the youth) are living double lives, they are all good and innocent in front of their families but when they go out there actions are of those you wouldn't even see many non-Muslims doing.
Fornication, drug abuse and petty crime are just some of the issues faced by the muslim youth today and they are wide spread. They are totally ignorant of their faith or their strict respective cultures.
We see the Muslim brothers marrying white girls or Hindu/Sikh girls or even jewish girls, and usually in most cases these girls revert to Islam, if not then the brothers don't mind them as they are and they get married in a court no need for church mosque or temple. At the same time many sisters have been committing themselves to such marriages and they are embracing other faiths to uphold the marriage. They do this in total ignorance and rebellion of their parents views or permissions and agreement.

You will see Muslim boys wearing massive gold chains, earing and rings, tattoos etc are common. With the girls their abominable dress sense, pierced belly buttons, studs in tongues and eyebrows etc also the tattoos.

Consumption of alcohol, nightclubs, bangra gigs etc is a common thing. In most cases theres either neglect on the parents part or just total unawareness, and even total ignorance in many instances.

Its more important to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, keeping up with the latest fashion, latest music either rap or bangra are some of the very popular choices among the youth. Then you have the ones that are rejected from this culture because it doesn't interest them they are classed as nerds, for them tv, gaming, studying and building a career is everything in life (nothing wrong with getting an education to earn a clean living).

That was a brief overview of some of the problems faced by the Muslim youth. The question is why do we face these problems in the first place. Most people's answers are what can we do we live in a non muslim country, if you ask the youth the most popular answer is everyone else is doing it why should I be left behind. Theres also a large number of double standards in the Pak-Indo communities of Muslims. They usually overlook what the males in the family get upto their excuse is well boys will be boys. On the other hand the girls are either treated very strictly from the start or they are given a lot of freedom, as soon as she turns sixteen all the restrictions come into place or they are either shipped off to Pakistan/India for marriage, parents believe this will solve everything. After marriage the girls are granted much more freedom, where as something like a mobile phone was even restricted, or wearing trousers, now its ok since they are married.
Some of the problems that can be held accountable are mix schools, parents neglecting or they don't know about the kind of lifestyle their kids go through in this country since they have never experienced anything of the likes and are totally unaware. Main focus of attention in most households is tv, music, celebrating non Muslim rituals such as birthdays, valentines etc.

Eid is about going to a popular street full of asian takeaways, boys get drunk, drugged up, driving their cars making noise dancing to loud music, carrying a Pakistani flag or having it painted on their face, girls participate in many of the same and one thing leads to another until finally fornication or adultery is committed. Fights break out as rival gangs clash. The same kind of thing takes place at asian melas.

Despite all these kuffar actions and worse carried out by the so called muslim youth which is widespread. The government decide to pick on the practising minority of brothers and sisters, that we dont integrate because she's wearing a niqab or the brother wears a thobe and has a beard.

These are just some of the pressing issues that we are faced with, the reason simply is lack of Dawah. We are too caught up in refuting one another and sectarianism, and for that reason I have seen in my area several mosques just at most 100 feet away from each other, just because they dont agree with each other and they feel a sense of belonging to a different school of thought. They would rather have this identity, they are not content with just being a Muslim. Some group claims to be exclusive in loving the Rasool SAW by celebrating mawlid, other claims to be exclusive in giving dawah by knocking on doors and spending time away from home, another claims to be the saved sect starting all the rules from scratch and taking them from the direct source the Quran and Sunnah. With all these conflicting views the youth that are sincere about reverting back to Islam and following how it should be followed are all confused. They are given many different views and everyone claims to be right, with their little or limited knowledge who are they to believe. Its a shame that we have so many mosques in many predominant asian areas and most of them cant even have a full first line (Saf) for the congregational prayers.
While we are too busy fighting amongst each other and issuing fatwas (legal rulings) and takfir (classing as kaafir) on each other and calling each other mubtadis (people of innovations), the boat is sinking which we are all in and all this is because we ignore to give proper dawah. Brotherhood is very scarce, we are more divided than ever. You have the kuffar telling our youth how to live and what Islam is about.

We need to be more pro-active in spreading Islam, in our homes first, then at work, then anywhere else we can, in a humble and friendly manner. We need to be soldiers of Islam and revivers of Sunnah. Forbidding what bad and adjoining what is good. Abstaining from anything that can corrupt our emaan. Raise the awareness amongst the youth, every little helps. So do what you can to spread the true message of Islam. If you are sincere Allah swt will help you in your quest.

The Rasool SAW said its obligatory upon everyone from my Ummah to gain knowledge of Islam.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen

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07-02-2007, 08:52 PM

Everything you said is sooo true, i live in a community where all this happens, its sad to see soo many people have deviated from Islam, :cry: i have relatives who do some of these things and its sad to see.


07-03-2007, 12:25 AM
Originally Posted by Star

Everything you said is sooo true, i live in a community where all this happens, its sad to see soo many people have deviated from Islam, :cry: i have relatives who do some of these things and its sad to see.


Sister best thing to do is gain as much knowledge of Quran and Sunnah and then propagate it to as many people as you can. Theres an urgent need among the sisters to do dawah. Do plenty of dua for your relatives and for the whole of the Ummah, Inshallah your efforts will not go in vain.


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