View Full Version : Need your help to sell muslimah swimwear - ready income now

07-06-2007, 12:53 AM

Brothers and Sisters, I pray this message reach you at your best state of Iman and Health.

I write on behalf of MuslimahSwimwear.com from Malaysia. We are in dire straight for any help from you.

We are inviting all our brother and sisters, who interested, to gain income from selling muslimah swimwear, to become our dealer. There is no fixed condition to become a dealer. We are open to any suggestion from you.

We want to have dealers near to your area because we are now having slight problem with delivery period, by having you as our representative there, the delivery can be significantly improved.

We will do the marketing over the net. Should there any order from your area, we will contact you for the delivery process. You may also market the product over your internet page or to your friends and muslim community at your area. We will give Exclusive Dealership so you will not competing with other dealers in your state. And off course, we deal at first come first serve basis, so the quickest to come to us will be the exclusive dealer.

I hope to have some feedback. Please email me at info@muslimahswimwear.com


Elly Nur Arafah

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