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07-10-2007, 10:46 PM

It's Time!


In Al-Qur'an, ALLAH (SWT) often swore with the "time" that humans will always be at a disadvantage and at a "loss" however exception is to those who managed their time wisely to obey and worship ALLAH (SWT). We can't turn back the clock (time)..... but we must not despair as ALLAH (SWT) is most merciful. Considering that time is precious, it's about time we seriously check our limited time on this earth. The various types of time are:

1. "Beginning" Time

This is when the parents play the important roles. RASULULLAH (SAW) mentioned that a child is without sin and is most pure. It is the parents who make the child a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian. So parents please take heed and "mould" your child according to ISLAM.

2. "Crisis" Time

When confronted with a crisis be it at a personal level or at a national level, the first thing to do is not to panic! This is the time ALLAH (SWT) separates those who are sincere and thankful from "the otherwise". A Muslim should be patient during this trying time when ALLAH (SWT) loves an individual ALLAH (SWT) will test him/her to the limit - just look at RASULULLAH (SAW), the test he faced was beyond imaginable and was so "enormous" for an individual to handle. However, since it is from ALLAH (SWT), our beloved RASULULLAH (SAW) accepted it with open arms, masya'allah

Maybe a second, a minute, or ten years of misfortune, we grumbled, what about the limitless bounty ALLAH (SWT) has given us all this while...why are we quiet!

3. "R&R" Time

No this is not the time to let your hair loose....go to the pub or discotheque. Islam has its own rest and recreational agenda, one of the best way is to recite AL-QUR'AN and Rasulullah (saw) often performed the tahajjud salat to calm and relax his mind.

4. "Family" Time

Time spent with loved ones is the best of time, we should spend quality time with our parents, wives and children. Rasulullah (saw) is at his best when dealing with his family and we should emulate Rasulullah (saw) to the best of our capability.

5. "Exercise/Fitness/Sport" Time

Yes , Islam encourages its followers to keep fit. The recommended sports by RASULULLAH (SAW) are archery, horse riding, and swimming. Now any sports will do as long as it conforms with Islamic values (proper dressing, no mixing with the opposite sex, etc). Lets considers why the three sports:
  1. ARCHERY: the main objection is to hit the "bull's eye" on the target. The lesson here is we ought to have an aim or an ultimate goal in our life...and focus to achieve that target.
  2. HORSE RIDING: This requires the rider to control and manoeuvre the horse to be able to reach his/her destination. The lesson is we ought to be able to plan and have control over our personal affairs.... It is only when we have tried then we leave it to ALLAH (SWT) ... ALLAH (SWT) will not help those who are not willing to help themselves...if this happened, do not blame ALLAH (SWT) for turning back on you!
  3. SWIMMING: Swimming the rough seas requires strength and sometimes you cannot help it but to follow the waves - sometime you fall back, and sometime you advance. The lesson learnt here is that it's the same with life - there are failures and successes. The real test is not to give up and instead turn each failure to success... "inna lillah wa inna alaihi raji'un" from ALLAH (SWT) we come and to ALLAH (SWT) we return!
6. "War" Time

Remember our war with our nafs....this battle is ongoing. The true champion will only be known on judgement day and it is all up to you to dictate - be a champion (to heaven) Alhamdulillah; or a loser (to hell) na'uzubillah?

7. "No" Time

This is a reason for those busy people, in fact they are so busy that they have no time for family and even worst if they have "no time" for ALLAH (SWT), they can't even spare five minutes for salat. However, they are able to sit a five hour long meeting. Fine!!... if they forgo ALLAH (SWT) today ....ALLAH (SWT) will have "no time" for them during judgement day, please remember that ALLAH (SWT) will be close to those who intent to be close to ALLAH (SWT).

8. "End" Time

The end of this world is inevitable and will happen sooner or later. Instead of busy worrying and waiting for IT..........why don't we worry about another sure thing:- "our end" (death or small qiyama). Are we prepared to face ALLAH (SWT) and accept our "amal" book with our right hand?

9. "Break/Loss" Time

There are times that the "pen" will be lifted (the two angles will not jot down our deeds).. These are when young before puberty, sleeping time, and the deeds of an insane person... However this does not mean that we must be "sleeping" forever - the call of azan for fajr prayer clearly states that "assolatu khairuminan naum" salat is better than sleeping. Loss time can't be recovered - whatever misdeeds we have done, the best way to redeem is to repent - insya'allah if we are sincere ......ALLAH (SWT) is most forgiving.

10. "Ibadah" Time

RASULULLAH (SAW) asked us to grab "five before five".......
  1. young before old
  2. rich before poor
  3. healthy before sick
  4. "free time" before busy
  5. life before death...
the time when we are young, rich, healthy, free, and alive is an investment opportunity for our life hereafter - so do not waste it! TAKE time out to really think on how to maximise our ibadah ...everytime can be an "ibadah" if we set our niat only to ALLAH (SWT)...we work, sleep, eat, and drink... everything is for ALLAH (SWT) so instead of just making it a routine thing why don't we put them to good use with the the correct niat..
This timely message is for us to reflect and do a self-valuation ......remember all of us share the same 24hrs ...that separates us is our taqwa.. IT'S TIME to act.



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