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09-05-2005, 04:39 PM

I dont know probably in the chat section one of my bro invited me here ..!! to discuss myself n my relegion factors i mean my own blvs so i m here ..!!! well wht i feel like is i am a muslim by name only ..!! I dont pray at all not even Juma not even Eid at times ..!!! No reciting of Quran ..!! i guess its been a while now i did all this havent touched Quran i dont know from ages i guess ..!! and top of all that i know tht whtever i m doing is wrong but i m still doing ..!! kind of a phsyco case i should call myself but thts wht i m ..!! n e ways no worries u guys r MASHALLAH too good i liked the place a lot be blessed all of you

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09-05-2005, 05:58 PM
Asalamualaikum wr wb,

I guess you are new here, so welcome to the LI forums. Enjoy ur stay insha'Allah.

There was a time in my life where I thought I was Muslim. But, I didn't do anything that can proof me as bein muslim. Sometimes, when time passes by people change......N insha'Allah....If you try ur best read Qur'an and sunnah then u might succeed insha'Allah.

Try choosin good company wid friends/family : ) it usually effects us when we are wid pious people....tryna hanging around wid imam of mosque or someone who u think can help you become a good muslim insha'Allah. N obviously, do dua for yourself.

anyways, i gtg...I will post more later on insha'Allah.

you are gonna be in my duas iA.

May Allah swt guide you to the right path the path of pious Ameen.
May Allah swt make it easy for us to seek knowledge, act upon it, and spread it on to others Ameen.
May we unite again in Jannah Ameen.

wasalamulaikum wr wb.

09-06-2005, 06:50 AM

I agree with what the sister has written.

I also used to be there. It is so easy to be in your position. Shaytaan is smiling :thumbs_do

It is also easy to turn your life around. You realise something is not right in your life - that is the most important step :thumbs_up

Start with small things. Even if you read only one ayah a day, do that. Try performing at least one salaah today, do the same tomorrow and I can almost guarantee you that you will start doing more. Try to make dhikr even if only once a day.

Also try to keep the company of pious people, those who put Islam first in their life.

Make dua that Allah will guide you and make you strong.

I find that the more you do (salaah, dhikr, reading Quran) the more you want to do. All human beings have that natural desire to be close to their creator. You must just take the first step. Allah says in the Holy Quran that if we take one step towards him, he will make a greater effort from his side. (Sorry, can't remember the exact words).


09-07-2005, 02:36 PM

why do you feel you cant pray or dont want to pray? :)

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09-07-2005, 03:16 PM
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu

To appreciate how valuable life is and how blessed you are, look at how close death is. Apparently you are little lazy to do what you ought to be doing. I would suggest you to visit a Cancer hospital or some other place where people are in constant fear of death. Trust me...this may sound stupid..but it does work!

09-07-2005, 03:38 PM

Masha'Allaah some good advice here!

I think the trick is to start slow - obviously it's near-impossible to change your life overnight, but make changes, even if small ones, to your life and gradually build them up until you are out of the darkness.

Bear in mind that time is always ticking and we need to act fast before our time is up, and also remember to do du'aa!

May Allaah help you and help all of us to become stronger in our deen, Aameen.


09-08-2005, 01:25 PM

Keep death on ur mind as much as possible and as brother zak said good company is the key, and read the quran and really ponder about it. may Allah make it easy for u

09-08-2005, 07:39 PM

Ma sha Allah, some really good advice has been stated! :thumbs_up

I think the trick is to start slow - obviously it's near-impossible to change your life overnight, but make changes, even if small ones, to your life and gradually build them up until you are out of the darkness.

top of all that i know tht whtever i m doing is wrong but i m still doing ..!! kind of a phsyco case i should call myself but thts wht i m ..!!
Okay! Since you know what u're doing all wrong, why don't you start with a list: write down as many of the "wrong" things that you do as possible. Now this list is first for you: you need to set prioritites. What do you need to change right away? What are you going to do- and i'm not talking about tomorrow- what are you going to do today? .

However, this list isn't only for you. You already know what you're doing wrong, right. But you're still doing it......... So what you have to do is get yourself "a little tattletale" and a buddy. Somebody who will be willing to call you at fajr (for example) to remind you to pray. Somebody that will check up on you and make sure you read a little bit of Quran every couple of days (at least). Somebody almost like a teacher making sure you do your homework....(perhaps a brother here will be willing to help :) ). However, family would probably the best thing (as long as they are practicing) since they could keep an eye on you at all times (as long as you actually live with them.)

Everyone has told you "good company." You need that 100%. And I think in this "beginning stage" the best thing to do, is to "hang out" by yourself as little as possible. Sound weird, right? But like somebody else said "you are now doing jihaad against ur nafs." For a person who hasn't read the Quran in a long time or prayed, I think it's going to be very difficult to begin this jihaad by yourself. When you are alone, Shaitain's whispers are very very loud. "Whose going to see you? Whose going to know you missed your prayer? whose going to blah blah." It's easy to forget that on Day of Judgement your own lips, skins, hands, eyes, and feet will testify against yourself. It's easy to forget that you are not invisible and that actually..........Allah does see you. So! It is my opinion that whenever you are alone, you keep yourself occupied.........^remember that buddy i told you about? Make sure he doesn't mind you calling him 24/7 cause in the beginning you're prolly going to need to talk to somebody.

Also: let's say you listen to music (not wanting to start a discussion on it): maybe next to your computer (if that's where your music is) you can post this aya: *or any other aya that you feel will remind you to stop*: "O man! What has seduced thee from thy Lord Most Beneficent?- " (82:6)

And lastly:

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said:

Whosoever shows enmity to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him. My servant draws not near to Me with anything more loved by Me than the religious duties I have enjoined upon him, and My servant continues to draw near to Me with supererogatory works so that I shall love him. When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it. I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate about [seizing] the soul of My faithful servant: he hates death and I hate hurting him.

It was related by al-Bukhari.

May we all be of those whom Allah loves,


09-12-2005, 04:19 PM

Well so nice of you all those who replied n gave me a lot to read ..!! n to practice on ..!! Well i do agree with most of your suggestions n things u told me to do, to tell u the fact i just had a short visit of Umra to Haram n Madinah ..!! Just to see that how it feels how it goes with the flow i stayed 3 days n 2 nights in Makkah n only one evening in Madinah (Masjid-e-nabwi), After i guess almost more then 4 yrs I said my Salah for the first time in Masjid-al-haram (Makkah Khana kabbah) tht was also 2 rakats for Umra and would you guys blv when i said " ALLAH O AKBAR " after tht i was zero i forgot wht i have to read wht i have to say ..!!! yes i forgot the wordings it was after more then 4 yrs tht i was saying salah, No juma prayers no Eids nothing during this time period i dont even remember when i said my prayers last time ..!! n e ways so after i realized i dont know wht to say so i asked a person to say Salah infront of me only one rakat but a bit loud so he did n then i did the same way ..!! then i was ok , So i finished my umra but u guys know wht there was n is no speical feeling tht i was in Haram i was in Madinah i performed Umra there nothing ..!!! it was it is all normal for me i dont know i feel like i m stucked somewhere where i know wht to do i know how things will move on but i dont want to ..! I said my juma prayer in the haram this last juma .!! i was there i thought i ll be changed after this trip but no i guess i m not i m in the same case .. i feel like tht i havent done any thing its just tht every other person did there and i just posted myself tht oh yeah i have performed Umra ..!! every aspect has totaly turned over ..!! i feel like i was there to ACT not to perform i did all that in ACTING but not in performance nothing from my heart but i did each n every thing ..!! now this much big step i drove al the way down from Dubai to Makkah almost 2700 kms crossing border n moving on n on .... but wht happened ? today i m back again at my home in my room sitting alone n writing u guys wht i did ..!!! i feel like i m a gone case ... a finished one

- Qatada -
09-12-2005, 06:03 PM
:sl: warahmatulahi wabarakatuh..

i get what u sayin bro. it feels as if your heart is dead? and whenever you try to practice or perform salaah you feel as if you have a seal over your heart which doesnt let u feel the benefit of it? and you feel as if its all over and you dont have a chance to get better again...

to start off with you have to start off with a good intention - tell yourself you doin it to get closer to Allah (swt). then after this intention start visiting this site alot because this is one of the closest source of family (in islam) you probably got. read the posts which the brothers and sisters post in and even join in with the fun jokes and halal section. make yourself feel as if you are part of this family that you never had before.

obviously it will take a while for you to get interested in the islamic topics etc. but gradually as time passes by - you will feel you want to join in with the same discussions because the crowd you hang out with affects your opinions and thoughts on matters a great deal.

one of the sayings (hadith) of our beloved Prophet (salallahu alai hi wasalam) goes:

The example of a pious companion and an evil companion is like that of a musk seller and a person blowing a furnace. As for the musk seller, he may give you some or you may purchase some from him or you would obtain a beautiful fragrance from him. As for the person blowing the furnace he may either burn your clothing or you would obtain an unpleasant odour from him.’

it depends on which people you be with that affects what kind of person u r - and that is the reason i want to be part of this forum <<---- tell yourself that

insh Allah we will all pray for you and whenever you have a question regarding anything plz dont be afraid to ask cz to be honest we want to answer - this way we will get rewarded by the good deeds you do, and oviously you will :p insh Allah.

like the brothers and sisters said above - try to perform even one salaah (prayer) a day and gradually build up on them - making yourself believe you are talkin to Allah (swt) directly. (this will release that seal off the heart and make your heart feel alive becz it will light up with noor (light) insh Allah.) [the best way to do this is to understand what the words mean within the salaah.]

what to read in salaah and translation + transliteration: http://www.islamcan.com/salat/duas/index.shtml

make your intentions good becz intentions make actions and good actions create rewards - in this life and the afterlife. you also get rewarded if you do have a good intention and even more reward with the good action. at first it may be scary becz people will think 'what got over him?' but ignore them.. and just remember that Allah (swt) will protect you if u do a good action. remind yourself you are the lucky one because you are the one that has been guided insh Allah.

this life is like a journey and everyone will return to Allah (swt) wether they like it or na, so make sure you carried enough good deeds with you within that journey so you can get to a better place insha Allah..

wasalam o 'alykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

09-14-2005, 03:07 PM
hmm well like all others i m thankful to you too ..!!! lets see if i could do this .. still i ll say one thing that a WILL can change all that but u know wht i dont have the WILL with me :) thnx again & be blessed

09-14-2005, 10:53 PM

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I hope these are of help Insha'Allaah,


09-16-2005, 10:55 AM
Thnx a lot bro

02-19-2009, 02:46 PM
Wa3alaikum as salam.
Well first off is you at least recognize your faults. That's number one step to trying to correct them inshAllah. If you know you're not doing the right thing by not reading the Qur'an or praying, then just start doing them gradually inshAllah. Keep a mini Qur'an with you and whenever you're not doing anything just read out of it inshAllah. Or even just as soon as you wake up or go to sleep.

02-19-2009, 02:49 PM

Just seek help from friends and Inshallah things will get better,

May Allah make it easy for you and all muslims over the world

p.s dont worry as sometimes i feel worthless

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