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08-25-2007, 11:33 AM
:sl: brothers and sisters...

I have wonderful news mashallah.. :D
My grandparents back in India are off to Hajj this year!!! YaY.. they've got their visas now and so inshallah it's deffinate :D
Im so happy for them both... they are quite za'if (old) now and i really wanted them to go.. and inshallah this year they will be :D
My nana was so happy, he burst into tears.. :cry:

Neway they are preparing for their beautiful journey now, reading up, learning du'as etc i just hope everything goes well for them

make du'a for them please, that their Hajj is accepted by Allah (swt) and that it is easy for them both.

Jazakhallah in advance.

:w: :D

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