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08-25-2007, 05:20 PM
Hi, not checked in for a while - hope everyone is well...

Ok people I am having some friends round for dinner tomorrow and whatever your taste, background, culture, traditions, I require your most favourite, delicious recipe so that I can impress them! Anything considered as long as you're passionate about it and it gets your tastebuds going...

I need at least one dish to be vegetarian (for me) but I will also cook something else to satisfy the carnivorous appetites of my friends!

I look forward to your replies!


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08-25-2007, 07:35 PM

i suck at recipes because i generally just throw things in without measuring but i hope these i can give some ideas.
for vegetarian how about doing a nice saucy pasta which will be like a full meal too :?

then plain rice though id totally put corn in with it :lol: and some kind of meat to go on the side whether that be chicken breast in not too small pieces cooked in some kind of sauce, not too sauce but not too dry. or the soft part from lamb, dont know which part it is :rolleyes:

some kind of pastry, buy the pastry ready to roll :lol: fill it with mince/a pie typeish filling/or my favorite little tandoori chicken piece cooked with corn, chopped onions, chopped sweet peppers and regular dried spices.
a pasta bake which would hopefully be something different.

hope that helps :)

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