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08-28-2007, 10:38 AM
I am Enshallah, opening a Clothing Store, and i am just doing some research as to what type of clothing females are looking for . Please do this poll to help me: May Allah SWT reward you.1. Age average:

2.Country: Please state what country you are in in your post
1. Asia
2. Europe
3. Middle East
4. Australia
5. USA
6. other

3. The most important thing when shopping
a. if it meets the Muslim Shari'ah Law
b. if it will be accepet as fashionable
c. if i like it at the time i'll buy it
d. other
4.How important is price to you:
a. very important, if its cheap i'll buy it
b. important, its more important than quality
c. neither, just depends if its worth it at the time
d. not that important, i'll consider it but theres other things too
e. not important at all, i prefer quality

5.How important is colour?
a.black or nothing
b.any dark colours
c.depends on the item
d.depends on whats in fashion
e, other:
6. Do you wear clothing with patterns and embellishments (embroidery/sequins etc)
a.yes, its not an issue for me
b.yes if it looks good at the time
c.yes but must be minimal
7. would you ever consider online/internet shopping?
a.yes and i have purchased before
b.yes but i have never done it before
c.yes but i dont know how
8. Is there something you'd like to see/find more in shops?
a. a certain size?
b. a certain clothing?
c. other

If there is anything else you would like to add, please make comments below. Jazakallah khayr for all that replied.

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