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09-22-2007, 09:02 PM
Salaams and Ramadhan Mubarak

Something that was forwarded to me..........

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim
Innal-Hamdalillah was-Salaatu was-Salaam `alaa Rasoolillah
ASSalaamu alaykum wa-RaHmatullahi wa-Barakatuhu

Ramadan Fever!

The heat is on! Once a year a dramatic change occurs in the Muslim

community. Once a year Mikey baby and Sumy become Muhammad and Sumaiya.

Off come the baggy jeans, the Nike 180's, Timbeland and the Raiders cap. On come the

yellow Shalwar Kameez (clothes most subcontinent people wear), or the Dardasha(mostly Middle Eastern wear) the brylcreamed hairstyle which glues on that terribly uncool Towpee(cap) or Kofi and in comes the

miswak in the top pocket, making you look like something like "Karachi or Cairo cops".

It's during this HOLY month of Ramadan that we ditch the daytime raves and the frequent visit to the library or Shopping Mall (and we don't mean for the reference section nor Shopping) and begin to act it out. Mikey baby and Sumy become temporarily RELIGIOUS.

It's a sort of spooky feeling. The Mosques are full and you feel good. Good

cos' you've done your bit for the year. One by one you scratch the days

from your Ramadan timetable that your GrandPa/dad brought back from the Mosque-and

then-thank crunchie it's Eid.

Eid Mubarak!

The Mosques again becomes museums for the OLD and for those deprived "ACHA BACHA"- a good (WALAD) baby. The crease-free shalwar kameez or Dardasha comes off and comes the baggy jeans, whilst the libraries reopen for "business as usual". Just 11 more months of "freedom" to go before the smelly breath season come back with vengeance.

Year after year it goes on, almost as a ritual. You know it's rough. Yet

Allah(swt) is Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem as we are told by our /grand parents/parents (who probably also have gone through the same). And anyway RELIGION is for the OLD men in the mosques who have no function in the society anymore- with smelly breaths, and LONG beards that sweep the floor every time they walk from one end of the mosque to the other.

Religion is for those "fundies"(fundamentalists) at school/college, the

"weirdoes" who only talk to the opposite sex about the benefits of the

Khilafah ruling system or the fallacies and Evils of Western ideology such as Capitalism-Imperialism/Democracy-Hypocrisy and Marxist Philosophy.(i.e.try saying that in one breath!).

The game

So you go around playing this game. It's like an endless spiral. You think

you're a rebel or tough guy or gal-yet you're just one of the pack- a zombie, conforming ( wanna Be, trying to be Down with the society or the crew/click yo hang out with) to master-plan, when you turn 40s you grow your beard and take your seat in front row of the mosque, invest in a miswak, pack your bags for Hajj, and then everything is gonna be safe!- well NO! It doesn't quite work like that.
The million dollar question is, will you ever turn 40? Boom. Man Game is Over.

Suppose you die. Just suppose you snuff it and hit the bucket before you turn 40? What then?

It could severely damage that master-plan of yours. Alright, the chances

may look slim yet the stakes are high. Nobody knows when he or she is going to die. Just suppose you're locked up in a room and there's no way out.

Just suppose there's a time bomb-a foot away from you in this room. Now if this bomb has "6 days" on it you would probably turn " supper dupper fundy" and spend all six days reading namaz(salah), Nafil, Dhikr and the QURAN which was laying on the shelve under thick dust for YEARRRRRRRRS which we ONLY remember when there is someone getting marry for blessing purpose or our loved one dies.

Just suppose the bomb had a "?" on it? What then? That's exactly how life

is!!! A ticking-bomb (HEART) with a "?" on it, you never know when it's gonna blow-up( Heart Attack-remember). "Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!”(Translation of the meaning of The Noble Quran, 4:78)

30 days or a lifetime? And anyway, even if you do go along with this

"dodgy" game, don't you think your Creator will know your intention? Many

people have sassed out Islam as a blind faith or and an emotional/ spiritual/ spooky belief which leaves you a contemplating

rationally about the meanings of life. Where did you come from? Why are we here? What was before me? Where am I going from here to? Or the question that puts a damper on all raves, " what's going to

happen to us when we die?"

Islam asks us to answer these vital questions and come to a conclusion, the correct one. Islam doesn't rely on the dodgy culture/tradition we are brought up with either from our parents or from the Molvi-Saab(imam, Sheikh). Islam is far from being a "religion" as it is often coined in the media.

Islam is a complete system of life- with solutions (Socio-Economic-Politico) to all our problems be it for Muslims or non-Muslims.

Check out Islam for yourself and free yourself from this shallow zombie-like culture. Before your credits run out!

"And that I had never known, how my Account is? Would that it had been my end (death)! My wealth has not availed me, My power and arguments (to defend myself) have gone from me!"(69:26-29)

Word out! peace. aiite.

Remember there is no Life or Dignity without Islam.
"O you who believeanswer the call of Allah(swt) and His Messenger to that which gives you Life." (8:24)

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09-22-2007, 09:09 PM
Jazakallah for that sister.
How very very true! its sad really.

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