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10-25-2007, 11:55 PM
My warmes salaam from Istanbul,

I am extremely excited to join your distinguished forum and really wonder your comments on the full text of the book titled "The State of Grandsublime" I added, that is an unprecedented model of Islamic state and a full critique of World Public Order, that is, so-called "New World Order". Here is an excerpt from it:

Salih Mirzabeyoglu

The believer (Mu’min) is surrounded by five sorts of violence. His Muslim brother is jealous of him; hypocrites (Munafiqs) dislike and grudge him; concealers of truth (Kafirs) take his life; he is constantly plagued by his own ego (Nafs); and the devil (Satan) attempts to mislead him.

In my life I have had my share of these five violent threats framed above. Nevertheless, the first three of them have eventually made me aware of the fact specific to Great East-Ibda soldiers and I must state it as an expression of my gratitude:
“Just as the lion appears at the scene of assembly, what the rabbit, jackal and dog share is a collective shuddering!”
As each person can see from their own perspective, we are not at all playing on a joke, whether in terms of actions or of ideas. We are not like the opportunists who market meaninglessness as toleration. Unlike the cowardly type of people who always avoid “risks” and “suffering” and delaying the phase of “action” and “idea” of the Islamic cause to an obscure future by using auxiliary language like “will” and “shall,” we are the ones who set up the meaning of idealism as a solid, tangible fact. And we set our eyes on the Islamic revolution. The State of Grandsublime?..

We have weighed and known and understood all the causes and effective factors of today’s political and social disorder which exists all around the world and to this point have meticulously made self-criticism considering our existence during the course of history. Now that we have assessed all our weaknesses and strengths, we have to be reborn, as a thorough unit with a new soul, ideology and order. What will become of the world and what will become of us? Which distinctive view of the world shall we base our right to existence on? Which product, of our own invention, shall we promote in the “spiritual common market,” when the old order called democracy and liberalism was “marketed” without a rival bearing the name of “New World Order”? After the decline of the Soviet Union, while first the United States of America and then Europe standing just next to it were and continue trying to dominate like this, how come it suffices to name solely Islam, saying, “Of course, it is beknowst to even children!,” apart from the attitude of voluntary villainy behind the blasphemous? Of course, it is Islam; provided that its “how” and “why” are demonstrated.

The ideal is a yearning; a longing; a dream and a plan, stated by an idea which desires to see its own applications and traces on things and events. And if we call ideology the brain, and the ideal the heart, no desire or zeal or curiosity or behaviour can be ideal if it is based on a miserable idea. In order for it to be an ideal, it should set its vision on a nobility and maturity on the social level. Each ideal is a goal but not every goal is an ideal. Goals can be of lower levels; ideals cannot. As the sum total of the wisdoms above, together with the brain and the heart, we are the ones who demonstrate the “hows” and the “whys” in a unified system. It is our job to embroider the cause of Islam into things and events. We are the unique example. We are the Great East-Ibda. Within this framework, I would like to present my work: The Grandsublime State; and the New World Order!

As a matter of fact, referencing to the “Grandsublime State” corresponds to the main aim in composing and the principal pillar collecting all the contents of the Ideological Knitting of the Great East. Nevertheless, it was lost—all was put asleep—just as if one of our belongings was right before us a moment ago and was gone a moment later. I am taking control of it and re-awakening it, and would like to explain it in the metaphor of the explosion of a bomb—already made to use—in a public place. With the expectation that it shall be a completely new view in terms of the course of events and the concrete aims and objectives of the Islamist struggle.

The New World Order is shaped like a bobble of ideas and institutions, from democracy and liberalism to the United Nations and the European Common Market, it is a hegemonic system in which the United States and Europe, although competitively, share the view they have on countries like ours; that of pariah status. Of course, we respond, “No!” to this view, and instead we propose that this “New World Order” begins from our own country!

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