View Full Version : Can't go to jumma

10-26-2007, 03:26 AM
Ok i have a problem, on firdays i have a lecture from 1 to 2, same time as jummah prayer....what do i do, miss the lecture ? will i be held accountable for not being able to attend the prayer ??

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10-26-2007, 04:12 AM
Asalam alakum you are new and have no rep or attention of anyone i go to school(english) i miss juma i don't know if it bad but i always repent to go and no reps for you naughty you can;t ask for reps all of a sudden do some good posts help people than you get reps(like mine) ask any1 i am the mini resident and very popular read my introduction i came in 5tpages wow! wish you could have that welll try (sorry of topic)

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